3 words. 8 letters.


"Honey your awake"
"I guess so"

"It's Dylan. He's...."


12. 12

Cameron's p.o.v

Today we take the baby home. I wasn't expecting to go home a dad. But I am. And I'm with the woman I love. I picked up Braelynn and placed her in the carrier seat. She opened her eyes reviling one green and one brown orb. I slung her diaper bag around my shoulder and picked up her carrier seat.

"Hey Janet!" She gave me a hug an helped Ali out the car. We went inside and the crib and changing table was set up. The bassinet was beside our bed. I went in and put the carrier on the table. I lifted my baby out gently. Janet took her and sat on the couch. Only 3 days old and has the most loving people surrounding her.

"Hey babe. I'm going to take a shower are you and mom good with Brae?" Ali snuck up behind me start along me a bit.

"Yeah. Love you!" She gave me a kiss and went to the towel closet. I turned and saw my baby sleeping soundly in her grandmothers arms.

"Hey Jan you got her put cold. What a gift." She smiled. She's always loved babies. She has skills.

"Yeah. It takes 3 kids and adopting your niece for 2 years." We laughed quietly as the baby was sleeping. I picked her up from Janet's arms and placed her in her basinet. Right then Ali got out the shower. She put on black stretch pants and a blue tank top.

"Hey. How is she?" Ali said placing her hand on the baby's head and kissing it slightly. She is such a good mom. The way her eyes glow when she sees her...our baby.

"I really do love you Alison." She looked up. Her eyes lit up and a smile appears on her face.

"You do?" I shook my head and kissed her passionately. I placed my hand on her cheek and put my forehead on hers. She began to cry. Tears of joy.

"I love you too Cameron." Her mom came in to say goodbye.

"Good luck momma...and daddy."she hugged us and hopped on her car. We went in the house. She ate a salad and went to bed. I stayed up. I watched the football game. Well at least half. I was so tired I fell asleep halfway through.

Ali's p.o.v

I woke up the next morning. Today we had to take Braelynn to the doctors. I got up and fed the baby. I went to shower and when I got out Cam was up with the baby.

"Hey sweetie!" He kissed my cheek and handed me the baby. She was dressed in a purple onesie and a green tutu.

"Oh um. I'm going to go change her. Into something....matching maybe!" He looked embarrassed.

"Oh. I like the tutu. And she had no other green and so I just put on that." He looked down.

"Oh hun. It's okay. You tried. That's all that matters." I kissed him and went to change the baby. I put her in leggings and a baggy sweater. Like mommy. I walked out and Cam started dying laughing.

"What!?" I felt my face burn up. He walked up to me and kissed my lips. He rested his forehead on mine.

"Your too cute!" I kissed his lips softy. He went in the shower and came out an hour later. Men. He had a towel around his waist.

"Is that what your wearing?" I let out a small laugh.

"Yeah. You like." Do I like? I love. His body. So. Fucking. Sexy. I walked up and kissed his cheek.

"Get dressed" I whispered in his ear. He went into the room and came out with jeans and a white t-shirt on. We brushed our teeth and put on our shoes. We both wore black and white Nikes. I put on little pink socks. Cameron put her in her carrier and in the car. We drove to the doctor an the doctor laughed when we saw the baby's matching outfit with me.

"She's a healthy baby. But her eyes are very rare! Quite a unique one. Cute!" I showed off my proud moma look. It was all fun until the doctor said something about the dad.

"Although it's possible yet rare it's quite impossible for both parents to have green eyes and she has a brown eye." He looked at Cameron and so did I. His smile diminished and he looked at me.

"Her biological father passed away in a car crash. So Cam is just daddy. Not by blood but he is." Cameron looked at me and then at the doctor. He had a look of disappointment in his eyes. The doctor allowed us to leave. When we got in the car he was silent.

"Babe? Are you okay?" I asked as my hand slipped into the hand he wasn't using to drive.

"I just wish she was MINE! Not his and mine. But mine. That nobody would wonder. No one would think twice about me being her father." A tear rolled down his cheek. He quickly wiped it away. I disregarded it. He probably didn't want me to notice.

"But your her dad. All she has. Yeah she'll never have your blood in her veins but she'll never be Dylan's daughter. He's gone and he missed out. And now she's yours. And mine. And she will never know the difference. You'll just be her dad. The only dad she'll ever have. She'll ever need"We stopped at a red light and he turned to look at the sleeping infant in the back. He looked me and gave my hand a squeeze.

"I just love her so much." I kissed his cheek and we kept driving.

"I know Cam. I know."

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