3 words. 8 letters.


"Honey your awake"
"I guess so"

"It's Dylan. He's...."


11. 10

Dolly finally arrived. I saw her walk out her car. Her belly was much bigger than mine. Her hair was a light brown almost blonde. She had almost yellow brown eyes. She was wearing a baggy sweatshirt and leggings.

"Hi babe!" She said and embrassed me tightly.

"Your plan?" I asked making my voice go higher at the end.

"Oh yes. Okay come inside. Got any chocolate?" Why?

"Um. Hah yeah here." I handed her a bar of cookies and cream chocolate.

"No. For you." Ok. This is weird. She explained that the game was she said words and the first word to discribe that word that popped into my head I had to say aloud. Easy. But how does it have to do with Cameron.

Dolly's p.o.v-

This plan is fool proof. I say some stupid simple words and then Dylan then some more stupid words then Cameron. I then see her words.

"Okay. You ready?" She took a bite of the choco.

"Why chocolate?"

"To make you comfortable. Obvi!!" Silly question.












"....love" my eyes shot open as the words left her mouth. She looked up shocked as well. A tear dropped from her face.

"How could I be in love with him this soon?" I knew how.

"How long did you know him?"

"For 4 years."

"You have been in love with him. You just didn't know. You found Dylan and fell in love with him too. You hadn't seen him in while and you knew what love felt like and so when he showed up willing to help you you relised your deep and hidden love" it made sense. I knew she liked him before.

Ali's p.o.v-

I couldn't believe it. She was right. I've always loved him. I just relised it. I felt a weird feeling in my stomach. I'm 8 months pregnant now so I thought it was normal. Cameron walked in and gave me a hug. All of a sudden a burst of fluid came from my pants. Oh. Shit.

"CAMERON!!! IM HAVING THE BABY!" I yelled. He ran in panicking. He grabbed my bags and placed them in the car. He walked me out and Dolly got in the back. He got in and started to drive.

"CAMERON!! It. Hurts!" I cried a little. I had felt contractions before but not this bad.

"I know sweetie. Just breathe and squeeze my hand." I grabbed his hand and waited 15 min. until the ripping pain came back. I squeezed his had and started to breathe heavily.

"It okay we are here!" He got out and led me to the doors and got me in a delivery room. I got an epidural and the pain went alway. The doctor came in and told me it was time to push. I pushed and felt a ripping pain in my whooha.

"EAAHHHHHHH" I screamed out. After a few more pushes I heard a cry my baby girls first cry!

"Ehhhh!ehhhh!waaaa!" Braelynn cried due to the cold atmosphere I just birthed her into. The doctor handed me my baby and I looked into her eyes. She had one brown eye and one green eye! It's funny how one thing can be so unique. She looked just like her father. Her mouth. Her nose. One of her eyes!! Her hair was a dark black like me.

"She's beautiful. Look at those eyes!" Cameron said as my mom came rushing in with Dolly!

"My Baby!" She walked over to me and I saw tears form in her eyes. She lifted Braelynn gently from my arms and kissed her head.

"Hi" she looked at me and mouthed a congrats. After a while and I mean a while she asked if I wanted to have her back.

"Oh um. Cameron want to hold her?" He looked up and smiled big goofy smile and shook his head. He held her so close. Like her was protecting her. He say down and looked into her eyes. I saw his lips say- "hey beautiful!"- the way he held her close as if she would freeze to death without his body heat and how he held her so carefully as if any movement she could brake. He loved her.


"Yeah" he said without losing eye contact with the infint he had in his arms.

"Will you be her dad?" His eyes suddenly shot up to me. He slowly got up and sat in the chair next to me. He looked straight into my eyes and smiled.

"It would be an honor!" A tear appeared in his eye. I leaned over and kissed him he looked down at Braelynn and whispered-"I'm your daddy!your my daughter"-he wiped a tear off his cheek.

"Can I hold her?" Dolly said cautiously walking over to Cameron.

"Oh. Um. Sure. Here. Careful" he said with a worried expression on. He looked a Dolly then to me. She was pacing around the room bouncing the baby lightly.

"Babe. It's okay. She's good with kids and that belly is sure as hell holding up our baby. Don't worry. Trust me. If she couldn't hold her she wouldn't be. Okay?" He nodded his head and crawled up in bed beside me. We laid there until everyone was done passing around the baby. The nurse came in and told everyone it was time to go. Cameron got to stay tho.

"Goodnight baby girl. I love you" Cameron kissed Braelynns cheek goodnight.

"Our baby's first night in this world." He kissed me and we laid together and not just together but TOGETHER. He was mine and I was his. And we are going to raise this baby....TOGETHER.

1:00am-baby needs diaper change-mommy

2:00am-baby is hungry-mommy

3:00am-baby went #2-daddy

4:00am-baby won't go back to sleep-mommy&daddy

5:00baby is hungry-daddy

7:30-baby is awake for good-daddy.

9:00-mommy awakens.

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