That one night. //5sos

Luke and Callie have been friends forever. Luke never wanted to admit his feelings for her. A lot happens between the two of them when Luke finally admits his feelings. But tension heats up when Michael likes Callie and Callie suddenly has to make a choice between the two of them.

Copyright: maddie hood ��


9. chapter 9

Michael's POV

I feel so bad for Callie. I regret kissing her, even though I loved it. Her lips are so soft and her eyes are so gorgeous. Luke made the biggest mistake, he broke her heart. Well actually I pretty much broke her heart, no, it was Luke.

I can't help but stare at her for the past few minutes. Even when she's been crying she's so beautiful.

Callie's POV

Michael keeps staring at me. I can't help but look at him to, he his really cute and he does like me. I think I'm beginning to have feeling for ash though. But yet again, Michael is a really good kisser. That's it a can't stand it anymore. I get up and walk over to Michael (who is now on the other couch, Ashton and him switched spots again) and sit down next to him. He barely notices until I place my lips on his.

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