That one night. //5sos

Luke and Callie have been friends forever. Luke never wanted to admit his feelings for her. A lot happens between the two of them when Luke finally admits his feelings. But tension heats up when Michael likes Callie and Callie suddenly has to make a choice between the two of them.

Copyright: maddie hood ��


8. chapter 8

A few minutes later Michael knocks on the door. "Michael go away!" I yell. Michael leaves I hear another knock. "Callie, it's ash. Please open the door."

Ashton's POV

"Callie it's ash. Please open the door." I hear a drawer open and close hardly. I knew exactly what she was doing. "Callie please open the door!" I yell. She won't open it. I run to her bedroom where she has a desk. I rummage through the desk and find a paper clip. I quickly bend it as I'm running to the bathroom, Michael sees me and runs after me. I stick the paper clip in the knob and run in the bathroom. I stop and see blood in the sink and on the counter and on the floor. I also see a blade sitting on the floor and Callie in the corner. "Callie!" I run to Callie and help her up hugging her. I grab her wrist and I clean it. Michael comes in and sees the bandage on her wrist and all the blood all over. He also goes and hugs Callie, he picks up the blade and puts it in the garbage. He helps me clean up all the blood and then we go sit on the couch and I offer to make Callie dinner of course she says no. I get up and Michael sits down. I go outside to call Luke. "Hello?" Luke says. "Hey it's Ashton. Callie ran into the bathroom and wouldn't let anyone in. And you know what she did? She sliced her wrist open in 3 places. I could tell she has cut before by the looks of her wrists." "Oh my god really? Well, she isn't my problem anymore, she's Michael's." Luke hangs up the phone.

Callie's POV

Ashton is being so nice to me and I'm so heartbroken I just can't speak. Luke was my best friend I need someone to mend my broken heart I can't deal with this.

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