That one night. //5sos

Luke and Callie have been friends forever. Luke never wanted to admit his feelings for her. A lot happens between the two of them when Luke finally admits his feelings. But tension heats up when Michael likes Callie and Callie suddenly has to make a choice between the two of them.

Copyright: maddie hood ��


14. chapter 12

"What the fuck!" I yell at shay.

Shay is my best friend she's a bitch but I love her. "I was in the middle of a dream...I had to choose between Michael and Luke." (Michael and Luke are Callie's friends and they are not famous btw)

"Probably because that happened last night." She smirked.

" it was all real?"

"Ya, you kinda just drove off and cried yourself to sleep. So, anyway who are you gonna choose?"

I roll my eyes. "I'll see you later shay." I say walking out the door. I text Michael asking him where he was.

Him and the boys are at Ashton's. I drive to Ashton's house and walk inside not bothering on knocking.

I walk into the living room and I see the tv is on. Luke and Calum are sleeping, Michael is laying on the couch watching tv and Ashton's in the kitchen making coffee.

"You just had to get the couch didn't you?" I whisper against Michael's lips.

He smiles kissing me lightly. "I take it your choosing me?" He said in a hopeful tone. I sigh, "Michael, I don't want to have to choose between you to. But, Luke's gonna have to get over it, he broke up with me. Well, we weren't really dating, but anyway, he broke up with me and now I'm with you."

He smiles. "C'mon." He says scooting over on the couch so I could lay next to him.

"Ew." Ashton says as he walks into the room. He sits down in the chair and sips his coffee.

"So, you chose Michael?" Ashton's says. "Long story short, Luke broke up with me, and then Michael came into the picture."

A few minutes of watching tv passed by before Calum woke up, then Luke.

"I see the love birds are back." Luke says with slight anger in his tone.

"Oh my god!" I get off of the couch and follow Luke to the kitchen.

"I didn't want to choose between the two of you, you're my best friend Luke. I can't lose you. I just happened to be dating Michael." I yell.

"I just thought that because we were best friends you'd pick me!" He yells back.

"I don't want to ruin our friendship!"

"It's already ruined!"

"Ya, well, if I did choose you what would happen when we break up? Things wouldn't be the s-"

He cups my face and cuts me off with a kiss. It last for awhile.

"Luke..." I mumble against his lips finally breaking free. "This doesn't change my mind."

"I'm not giving up." And with that he disappears outside.

All this over me? Unbelievable.

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