That one night. //5sos

Luke and Callie have been friends forever. Luke never wanted to admit his feelings for her. A lot happens between the two of them when Luke finally admits his feelings. But tension heats up when Michael likes Callie and Callie suddenly has to make a choice between the two of them.

Copyright: maddie hood ��


11. chapter 11

" still really like you and I want to get back together." Michael stands up over Luke. Oh Jesus! "Ya? Well, she's with me now. So you can kiss my ass goodbye!" Michael shouts. Luke stands up. "Oh yeah, well what if she doesn't want to be with you now that I'm here? Then what are you gonna do?" Luke yells. Ash and calum walk outside. "What if she does want me?" Mikey says. They both turn to me. "Well,...." Luke says. "Take your pick."

They were expecting me to choose between them??!!! I love Michael but I also love Luke. I don't want things to be like this at all. It was that on night between me and Luke that started it all. "Um...I-I ch-choose...." I pause.

A splash of water hits my face and I open my eyes. I was in my bedroom in my bed, when I realized it was all just a dream.

------------authors note------------

Comment who you think Callie should have chosen luke💕 or Mikey💘

And thank you all for reading I hope you liked it even though it was sucky and I need more ideas so comment what they should be about. Make sure to favorite and become a fan❤️

Ps: should I update??

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