That one night. //5sos

Luke and Callie have been friends forever. Luke never wanted to admit his feelings for her. A lot happens between the two of them when Luke finally admits his feelings. But tension heats up when Michael likes Callie and Callie suddenly has to make a choice between the two of them.

Copyright: maddie hood ��


1. chapter 1

Callie's POV

He stands tall over me as I explain to him why I like Michael. He explains that it won't work because we are so different. "Why do like him let me ask you that?" Luke follows me into the kitchen of my apartment. His sweat pants hang off his shirtless hips. "None of your business Luke! I just don't understand why you even care!" Luke stops and bites his lip. "Cuz maybe ash likes you or cal. I don't know." I roll my eyes at him. "It's not like he would actually go out with me, let alone as ME out!" "Then you obviously don't know what I know." Luke whispers under his breath. I smile. "What do you know Luke? Tell me." I start to chase Luke, when I finally catch him (those long fucking legs can run) I sit on him with his back on the ground. "Get off!!" "Not till you tell me." "I'm not supposed to!" "Then I will never get up." "Ugh fine! Michael likes you!"

I stand up. "Wait, Michael told you that he liked me?" "Yes! But I'm serious, please don't go out with Michael." "Why not Luke?" I start to get suspicious that maybe Luke likes me too. "Like I said, he's not good for you." "Then who is Luke?!" I yell with anger. "I don't understand! I'm sick of being single! I want love again! So tell me Luke who is good for me! Why are you so concerned?" I shout. "Because I like you!" He shouts. I couldn't believe what just can out of his mouth, and neither could he. "It's true." He says more softly. "Do know what it feels like to like someone for so long and they don't like you at all? And all they talk about are the people they do like." I step closer to Luke. "Yes. It was you. I liked you a lot more than I liked anyone else. And you always talked about aliesha." "That's different! We were younger we could control it. I felt like I couldn't hold it in anymore, my feelings for you." He says. "I never said I stopped liking you Luke."

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