Out Of My Limit

Skyler Anderson and Callie Nickson are best friends that have been through everything together. Skyler and Callie are the type of girls that people envy, even though they both have pretty messed up backgrounds. They aren't the average teenagers. They don't party much. They have two enemy's Abby and Ansley. They're the popular twins that try to get with every guy. They will do anything to stand in the way of Skyler and Callie's happiness.

From left to right: Skyler, Callie, Calum, and Luke.


2. Seeing Again

Chapter 2: Seeing Again

I'm writing an extra chapter now because I have to be at a neighborhood potluck thing. Yeah no. I don't want to be so I'm using this to pass the time! Anyway, comment, vote, ask questions, and give feedback/suggestions.


Skylers POV

"Katie, don't cry,

I know you're trying your hardest

And the hardest part is letting go

Of the nights we shared

Ocala is calling..."

My alarm clock roared at me. Oh my gosh I don't want to get up!!! Then there was a knock on my door. "Come in" I practically whisper. The person comes in anyways. It's Callie. "Hey I need to borrow a bra." Um. Alright you know where they are. " Okay thanks. Hey, are you alright Sky...?" I just stare at her and with that she understands me completely. I'm just dreading school. Everyday of my life. She turns around and walks out knowing exactly how I feel. I roll onto my floor literally... knowing I have to go to school. I go to Callie and my shared lavatory and take a shower. I walk to my medium sized walk in closet and since it's mid fall over here, I put on my green day sweater, ripped skinny jeans, and my black converse. I curl my hair and let it hang down my lower back. Then put on a few bracelets and a watch.

( For all those who want to see it copy this link in online: http://www.polyvore.com/skylers_outfit/set?id=137339356 )

I guess you could say that Amy (Callie's mum) is pretty wealthy. There are just us three girls living in the one house. It's quite nice. I walked down the stairs and grabbed my backpack out of the mud room. Then I entered the kitchen to find some breakfast and decided I would just get some Starbucks on the way to school. Callie comes down the stairs wearing a pierce the veil tank top, a cardigan, high waisted shorts with tights, and combat boots.

( For Callie's outfit: http://www.polyvore.com/callies_outfit/set?id=137342894 )

"You ready?" She asked blandly "No not really." Amy is probably still asleep. We walk out to my black range rover and drive to Starbucks then to school.

We pull into the parking lot and go to our lockers before first bell. There was a ton of screaming outside but I just ignored it and went on with life. Callie and I have lockers like two feet away from each other. Here come idiot one and idiot two. Here we go again. "So look who decided to show their faces again!" Abby said. I just rolled my eyes. Ansley shoved Callie into the lockers and she yelped.

"Hey! Why don't you two piss off and go bother some other people!" I growled. Abby kicked me in my shin and I screamed causing some people to give me some sympathetic looks.

"Aww. Look how pathetic you two are. Skyler maybe you'll end up in jail just like your father." Abby is such a douche wad. Sometimes I wish I could just hide and so nobody can see me anymore. But suddenly I heard the two voices I thought I'd never hear again. Those voice belong to Michel Clifford and Ashton Irwin.

I about passed out. "You two need to get a better hobby than picking on them. Try going to a plastic surgeon because they messed up the first time." Mikey screeched.

Abby about started crying saying "We've never been to a plastic surgeon!"

" Oh! That's right. . . Maybe you should consider it." Ash added on.

They both walked away leaving me slightly bruised a little traumatized Callie. Ash helped me up and we hugged for a good minute. Then it was Mikey's turn. I was so shocked to see them.

"What are you guys doing here...?" I asked "We aren't allowed to show up and surprise two of our good friends...?" Mikey asked shocked. "Well, not after two years of no communication whatsoever!!!" Callie says in tears. I'm not very happy about that either. These two have been my friends since year five and then go off to the UK for three years without a phone call or even a text message. Not even one. I'm not one to forgive easily.

"We're so sorry. Our manager said it was best if we tried to forget our past and focus on the future." Ash stated, in his attempt to calm Callie.

"You know what I think...?! That's a load of shit. You could've texted saying hey we may not be able to talk very much we're sorry. But NO! You had to leave us with NOTHING! Scaring us half to death not knowing how you're doing. So no I'm not forgiving you because you could've made at least the tiniest phone call or text. That my friend is on you!!!"

With that I walked off and Callie followed shortly after because we wouldn't want to be late. We had first period AP Literature with Mr. Lee. I took my seat next to Callie. I pulled out my phone and earbuds listening to Stay by: Mayday Parade. While I was listening to this song I was thinking of someone in particular. . .

I'm sure it was about 30 minutes into the period and I started to doze off. Callie smacked me in the head and I shot up giving her a WTF look. She motioned for me to take my earbuds out and so I did. She honestly looked confused and happy at the same time. So this'll be good. I looked at her and she mumbled "Casually glance behind you..." Um. Weird. But okay... So I drop my pen and "turn to look for it" hints the sarcasm. Oh my dear lord! I swear my eyes were going to pop out of my head. Two other people I swear I'd NEVER see again.

Calum Hood


Lucas Hemmings.

A/N: Hey guys! Kind of a cliffhanger. Ehh. I don't know. What do you think is going to happen now...? How do you like this story so far...? Who's style do you like more...? I feel like my style would be a mixture of both of them. Anyways comment, vote, ask questions, and give feedback/suggestions.


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