Out Of My Limit

Skyler Anderson and Callie Nickson are best friends that have been through everything together. Skyler and Callie are the type of girls that people envy, even though they both have pretty messed up backgrounds. They aren't the average teenagers. They don't party much. They have two enemy's Abby and Ansley. They're the popular twins that try to get with every guy. They will do anything to stand in the way of Skyler and Callie's happiness.

From left to right: Skyler, Callie, Calum, and Luke.


1. Only The Beginning

Chapter 1 - Only The Beginning

A/N: Hey those who my be reading this! This is kind of a filler filling you in on the main characters. Also the way they see things. I'm trying to include all of the members of 5sos. It may have a few references to self harm so if it my upset you or anything don't read it. I'll put warnings up so don't worry. I hope you enjoy this story. It will also be on Graham and my Wattpad account. Mrs.HemmoPenguin If guys have any feedback, comments, or suggestions we'd love to hear them.

- Kiley

Skyler's POV

I'm Skyler Anderson I'm 16 years old. My best friend is Callie Nickson. We've been friends since we were two. Our moms were best friends since they were little. But I never really got to know my mom. Amy, Callie's mom, told me that my mom died from cancer when I was six. I don't remember her. When I was 10, I moved in with Callie and Amy because my dad was sent to jail. Amy is like a mother to me. I know you may think that my life is horrible. Well, it only gets worse. But there are some moments of clarity in my life, given to me by my friends Callie, Michel, and Ashton. I feel like I'm one of the social outcasts at school. Ash and Mikey tell me otherwise. Whatever. It was three years ago when 5sos formed. Ash and Michel brought two of their friends from the band for us to meet. Luke Hemmings and Calum Hood. We became good friends I guess. Then one day they told me and Callie that they had to move to England to start their careers. They left us behind. Ash and Mikey stood up for us when Abby and Ansley treated us like crap. But once they left it all turned into a nightmare we couldn't wake up from.

Callie's POV

I'm Callie Nickson I'm 16 years old. My best friend is Skyler Anderson. But I call her Sky, because when I was little that's all I said. It's like I was mentally unable to pronounce the ler part. It just stuck. I can see right through her. She's a broken piece of glass that has ridged edges preventing very few people from entering. Not many people can tell. She doesn't show many emotion.Two of my good friends Ash and Michel introduced me to a guy named Calum Hood about three years ago. He is my everything. I don't think he knows though. My heart shattered into peaces when they left. I understand why they did but, it still breaks me inside. I used to go out and drown my sorrows in alcohol. My sane friend Sky went with me so she could take me home. I still do sometimes. Abby and Ansley are the queen bee's at school because they're dad is practically made of moneybags and founds the school. So they can get away with anything. One day I couldn't take it anymore.

A/N: I know this is small but it's the start. It may be Graham that updates or me. So it'll go back and forth. I hope you all love it. Comment, ask questions, and give suggestions/feedback. Thank you!


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