Out Of My Limit

Skyler Anderson and Callie Nickson are best friends that have been through everything together. Skyler and Callie are the type of girls that people envy, even though they both have pretty messed up backgrounds. They aren't the average teenagers. They don't party much. They have two enemy's Abby and Ansley. They're the popular twins that try to get with every guy. They will do anything to stand in the way of Skyler and Callie's happiness.

From left to right: Skyler, Callie, Calum, and Luke.


3. Confusion

Chapter 3 - Confusion

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-Kiley & Graham

Callie's POV

I followed Sky to AP Lit and was chocking back tears. Why do those boys have that affect on me? I don't know how to feel right now. They are asking to come back in our lives so suddenly. I know my answer was yes. I'll let them back in they are like my brothers. Not immediately. But I don't think they'll gain Sky's trust back so easily. She doesn't trust people very much anymore and I'll never understand on the level she does. I know she has reasons for that and I don't question her about it.

When we get to Mr. Lee's class we aren't late which is good because he would've raised cane. I take my normal seat next to Sky. She takes her earbuds out and listens to music. I can tell she's already tuned out and half asleep. Mr. Lee called roll and I answered for Sky being the good friend I am.

He called out a few more names and then he called a familiar name out and that shot a butt load of confusion my way. Then there it was, the name I've wanted to hear for the last three years... Calum Hood. I glanced at them and Calum was buried deep in his notebook. Luke was staring at sleeping Sky.

It took me about 20 minutes to process this. My immediate thought was wholly crap, what in the actual heck, am I dreaming!?! But then it hit me Ash and Mikey came back so it would only make since for them to also. They do everything together.

Once I finally snapped back to reality, I figured it may be a good idea to let Sky know. She's a really deep sleeper though... Oh well I guess I'll have to do what I used to do.

SMACK! I hit her on the back of the head. She looked alarmed and gave me a WTF look. I motioned for her to take her earbuds out and she did. I practically whispered "casually look behind you" She gave me the... What's wrong with you look. She "drops" and goes to "look" for her pen. She's cleaver. I should try- yeah no. I'll mess that up big time.

She looks and I swear she has the look of abandonment and betrayal in her eyes for less than a second. Then she turns around with no expression at all. Just like nothing happened. Sometimes I don't get my best friend but she can turn her emotions off so nobody can read her.

Skyler's POV

I looked at these anonymous people behind me and I almost had an aneurysm. Different types of emotions flashed through my mind all at once. It's like everything is in slow motion. He left me. I still don't know why I care.

He gave me his famous crooked smile. I saw somewhere in his eyes that he was in pain. Not physical but mental. I wonder what someone could've said to make him feel that way.

Skyler! I don't care!!! Wait when I turned around he was staring at me and made no attempt to stop me from seeing. Why would HE be staring at ME. Why do I give two shits about him anymore. I kind of want to find out though.

What's with me this isn't normal. I turned back around a split second later. I acted as if nothing happened. I could see from the corner of my eye that Callie was giving me pleading eyes. Knowing my best friend she probably wants to know what I'm thinking.

I zoned out the rest of the period. When the lunch bell rang I grabbed my stuff and walked straight wards the door. Callie was following. Before we could exit the classroom Calum asked us to wait for him and Luke. But me being me I walked straight out.

Callie of course, was caught off guard and decided to wait for them.

Callie's POV

I was confused when Calum asked me and Sky to wait for him and Luke. But I decided to stay. "Hey Call's! Long time no see!"

Really Calum. Really. Calum gave me that nickname years ago and I'm surprised he still remembered it.

"Yeah it's definitely been a while! Hey Luke! How've you guys been?" Luke looked up at me and gave me a half smile. It didn't reach his eyes. He looked like he had some sort of burden weighing him down. That's been carried for a long time.

Well okay then. "We've been doing good just really busy! You?" Calum asked.

Yeah, I've heard that one before. "Same old, Same old Calum! Anyways, I've got to catch up with Sky! Bye guys!"

"Hey, Callie wait! That was the lunch bell. So let us walk you."

"Um, alright."

Calum, Luke, and I headed towards the cafeteria. As soon as we walked in I noticed that Sky wasn't sitting at our usual table. She was laying on the ground clutching her side, next to the table. With a very pleased looking Abby and Ansley standing beside her.

Skyler's POV

I rushed away from them knowing they'd want to talk too. I got to the cafeteria and there stood dumb and dumber. "Hey Sky'turd' where's thing two? Did she get tired of you and leave too?" How bad can their comments get. I mean yeah the leaving part hurt a bit.

I turn to go get my lunch and Abby kicked me on my shins where she did earlier. I fell to the ground causing my hip to erupt in a series pain. Ansley felt the need to join in so she kicked me in the hip, need I mention she's wearing studded heels. Gee thanks. I'm in pain so much pain right now.

I'm holding onto my side for dear life. I shift my weight so the pressure isn't on my side. When I do I realize that Callie is right beside me helping. Mikey and Ash come and pick me up off the ground. Honestly I don't know if I'm happy or mad. Calum is calming Callie down and Luke is just standing there staring.

He looks sad and terrified. That boy confuses me. Jeez SKYLER! I don't care about him anymore snap out of it!!! Obviously we have an audience. You know, the whole school. Here come the sympathetic looks. Gosh I hate it. All day everyday.

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- Graham

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