Out Of My Limit

Skyler Anderson and Callie Nickson are best friends that have been through everything together. Skyler and Callie are the type of girls that people envy, even though they both have pretty messed up backgrounds. They aren't the average teenagers. They don't party much. They have two enemy's Abby and Ansley. They're the popular twins that try to get with every guy. They will do anything to stand in the way of Skyler and Callie's happiness.

From left to right: Skyler, Callie, Calum, and Luke.


7. Chapter 7 - Wiat...WHAT

Chapter 7 - Wait...WHAT?

A/N: We kind of got carried away with the outfits this time. They're so much fun to make though. What do you think about them? Should we keep making them? This is my favorite chapter so far!

XOXO- Graham & Kiley

Callie's POV

I'm in my bed just thinking about life. About Calum. Last night. What's up with everyone? Cameron. Sky is getting better and better at hiding her emotions. She just looks blank sometimes. I can do something and I need to.

"Give me love like her,

'Cause lately I've been waking up alone,

Paint splattered teardrops on my shirt,

Told you if let them go....." My ringtone. Who would be calling me at 8:30 on a Saturday morning?


"Hi, Miss Nickson! It's Mrs. Coons from the school board. I just wanted to ask if you and Miss Anderson are positive you're going on the two week trip to London on Sunday."

Oh. Crap. I forgot. About that. We should go. It'll be nice and Sky deserves some time away from all of the drama. I need time away from the drama too.

"Hello? Callie are you still there?"

"Oh. Yes. I'm here. And yes Skyler and I still would like to go on the trip."

"Okay!!! Good. We have a meeting for who all is going today at 6 at the school. You will need to bring your luggage. Also we will provide you all with dinner."

"Alright Mrs. Coons. Thank you so much!"

"No problem! See you at 6."

We need to go get clothes. We haven't even packed. We need our passports. Mom already paid for the trip. Good. We have to get moving. Now.

I jump up and get into the shower. Put on my black floral dress, leather jacket (I probably stole from Sky), some jewelry, and my cat ears. I rushed into my room did my makeup, slid into my shoes and grabbed my purse.

(Outfit link: http://www.polyvore.com/callies_outfit_chapter/set?id=141247530 )

"Sky. Sky. Wake up. We have to go to the mall, pack, grab our passports, and be at school by 6!!!" It all came out in one sentence. Oh well.

"What. Um. Ok."

"I'm giving you 20 minutes."

Skyler's POV.

Callie. Whatever. I get out if the bed and hop in the shower. After I get out of the shower I notice I still have Luke's jacket from last night.

I go into my closet and put on an oversized flannel, ripped skinny jeans, galaxy toms, I throw on some random jewelry and my glasses. I put some make-up on and put my hair into a ponytail.

(Outfit link: http://www.polyvore.com/skylers_outfit_chapter/set?id=141199242 )

"SKY!!! Come on. You have like two minutes left before we need to go. I'm driving."

Not wanting to look for another jacket I grab Luke's North Face and put it on. It smells like cologne and old spice.

"Hi. Eliana." My baby. I put her sweater on and told her goodbye. I pet Pedro. The poor thing is a girl and Callie named her Pedro. That poor dog.

"Good morning!"

"Morning Callie. What are we doing exactly? It's 9:30."

"The trip tomorrow. I forgot all about it until Mrs. Coons called me. We have to go to a meeting at 6 with our luggage. Dinner will be provided. They'll be talking about roommates, and the buddy system and all that crap. I think this will be good for us. To get away from the boys coming back. And the drama they left."

I forgot about everything that happened. I just gave her a small smile and a blank stare. She looks worried. Like she knew she shouldn't v'e brought it up.

We walked out to the car and I just shook in the front seat thinking about Cameron and what happened.

*** 9 hours later (after shopping)***

After hours of shopping and packing we finally pulled into the school parking lot. I went and grabbed my suitcase from the trunk.

"Here Callie." I handed her, her suitcase.

"Thank you."

"Hey. I just wanted to thank you for dragging me on this trip. It will be good for us to get away from all of this. I mean it."

"No problem. Nice jacket by the way. I see you don't want to leave a certain somebody behind." She smirked.

"Shut up."

"Callie! Skyler! Glad to see you made it!"

"We are too Mrs. Coons." Callie said.

"Hey, Call (pronounced Cal)

There are a lot of people here." I whispered.

"I know. It's weird."

"Attention! Attention you all!" Mr. Winters our principal.

We all got quiet.

"Thank you. Now if you all would take a seat and keep your luggage near by you. We are a pretty founded school and to get opportunities like this....." I stopped listening.

"Now, I would like to invite Mrs. Coons up here to give the arrangements out. She isn't the one who made the lists so whomever you are assigned with don't take it out on her."

"Hello everyone. Like he said my name is Mrs. Coons and I will be going to London with you all. There are 10 parents that wanted to come with us to keep an eye on you all."

I think they just want to go bar hopping. Whatever.

"There will be five people in each hotel room and I will start with the girls. . .

"Johanna Cole, Mary Quartez, Mandy Moore, Kelsey Vaughn, & Gretchen Moore."

I look over in the corner and see a group of girls jumping up and down squealing. Oh how I dislike them. Mrs. Coons lists off a few more and then I hear. . .

"Callie Nickson, Skyler Anderson, Beatrice Kinz, Abbey Sholtz, & Ansley Sholtz."

My life just stopped. I CANNOT be roomed with Tom and Jerry. Callie looks like she's going to fall on the floor. Bea is great. I've known her for a while. She is sweet. I guess with every sweet there comes two more sour.

She continues. And finishes up both the boys and girls. I was zoned out though. So was Callie I can tell.

"Okay you all!!! Now we will be going over plane seating. There are rows of four and you will most likely not be sitting with your roommates. This seating will be used there and back. So to start us off Johanna Cole will be sitting in the window seat, Jake Miller will be sitting to her left, Payson Keeler will be sitting to his left, and Nathan Payne will be sitting in the isle seat." So on.

"Callie Nickson will have the window seat, Ashton Irwin will sit to her left..." I about died because they shouldn't be going on this trip. At least I won't be sitting next to them. "Skyler Anderson to his left"


"And Luke Hemmings will take the isle seat." My mouth hung open for a solid two minutes. Callie closed it for me with her hand. At least I only have to sit with them. I can just sleep the whole time.

"Ok. Now. The people in your seating group will be the people you tour London with and really do everything with. Drop your luggage off next to Mr. Jakobson. You are free to get your dinner in the back and we advise you to sit in your groups so you can get to be familiar with each other. You will be spending the next two weeks with them."

I just sit there and stare at the wall. "Sky, I'll go get us some food and drop our bags off."

"Thanks Call."

This totally explains why the seating is in fours.

I feel a light tap on my shoulder. Gee. I wonder who that may be. When I slowly turn around I'm completely dumbfounded. It's Abby. . .

"So I guess we're rooming together. I guess that'll be cool."

"Really Abby. Really?"

"No. Definitely not." She turns around and marches her perky little butt over to the food line.

When I turn back around Ashton is sitting across from me.

"Hey Skyler."

"Hi." I pulled out my phone to pretend I'm doing something just to avoid talking. I really hope somebody comes over and saves me. It's so weird over here.

I feel another tap on my shoulder and look up at Ashton to see him frustrated.

"I see you still have my jacket from last night." I glance over and he's sitting next to me. When I said I wanted someone to save me I didn't mean him.

"Yeah. I grabbed it this morning because Callie was pulling me out if the door and it was chilly. Here I'll give it back." I start taking off the jacket.

"No. You don't have to do that. Keep it." He gave me a sad smile.

"You can keep my sweater I let you borrow the other day too." Ash cut in.

"Uhh. Ok." I'm so uncomfortable right now.

"Hey Skyler. I don't think you have my number so before we go to London I need to give it to both you and Callie."

"Oh. Alright." I give him my phone and he put his contact in as Lukeyy.

"Hey Sky. I got you the burrito bowl thing. I hope that's alright?"

"Yeah. Yeah Callie. Thank you."

"You are welcome my dear!" She giggles.

"So if either of you try to talk to me other than when you're told, touch either of us, or make us feel uncomfortable in any way. I will personally drag myself out of my hotel room into both of your rooms and castrate you in front of your roommates. Got it?!?"

Oh Callie. She scares me sometimes. Both Luke and Ash look terrified. Luke just took a bite of his pizza and nearly choked on it.

"Yes ma'am." Luke said so innocently. I looked over at him and mouthed "Don't worry"

"Hey. I like this one!" And she motioned over to Luke.

"What about you?"

"I understand." Ash said.

A lot of awkward silence later. Mr. Winters stood up and started going over rules.

"Hello again. Your curfew is 10pm unless your chaperone tells you otherwise. None of the other gender should be in your room unless a chaperone is in there also. If you get lost contact your group chaperone as soon as possible ....." BLAH BLAH BLAH. I stopped listening. I look over to see Callie snuck over to talk to Calum. It's like 8:00.

I grab my phone and text Michael. I don't know who else to text right now.

(M- Michael. S- Skyler)

S- Hey Mikey. :-)

He replied back within seconds.

M- What's up boo bear!?! ;•)

S- Nothing much. You?

M- Oh. Just listening to this creep talk.

"Haha" that was out loud too. Oops. I covered my mouth quickly.

S- Clifford. I'm going to get you back for that. Lol.

M- In your dreams Anderson. Since the boys and I have toured in London before I know there is 18 and under bar called Neon Lights. It's a few blocks down from the hotel. A few of us should go.

S- Sounds sketchy.

M- There isn't any drinking if that's what you're worried about. . .

S- You know what. . . Why not. We shouldn't get in trouble. Most of the chaperones are hooker moms that will probably be clubbing too.

Michael laughed so hard on the other side of the room that I laughed too. The principal dismissed everyone and said we need to get to sleep because we were to meet here at 4:30 am.

I got up to go find Callie and can't find her. I took out my phone and it is dead. Great. I look around and still don't find her.

"Hey. Is everything okay Skyler?" Luke.

"No not exactly."

"Is there anything I can do?"

"Actually, would you mind if I borrowed your phone?"

"No. I wouldn't mind at all." He searches for it and pulls it out of his pocket.

"Here you are."

"Thank you."

"You're welcome."

I dial Callie's number. It rang about five times before she answered.


"Callie. Where are you?!?" I asked bluntly and clearly annoyed.

"Oh. Hey. Oh my gosh. I'm so sorry I'm driving Calum home because he said he felt bad. I'm so sorry. I'll turn aro-"

I cut her off. "Callie. Don't worry. I'll get a ride with someone. It's no big deal."

"Really. Ok. Thank you. CRAP. DID YOU CALL THE DOG SITTER?!?"

"Yes Callie. I called her while you were scrambling around in the mall."

"Good. I've got to go. Bye!"

Now that wasn't weird. At all. Nope. Honestly that was so normal for her. I've gotten used to it.

"Oh. Here's your phone back. Thanks."

"It's not a problem."

I go and sit down in one of the chairs thinking about just walking home. Yep. That's what I'm going to do. No. No. I shouldn't. I don't have my stun gun.

"Hey Skyler. Do you need a ride?"

I open my eyes and notice there are two more people in the school. Luke and Mrs. Coons.

"Yea. That'd be nice. Did I fall asleep?"

He laughed a little. "Only for about 10 minutes." He laughed and I ended up laughing too.

He stands up and holds his hand out. "We better get out before someone notices we're still here.

I just nod slightly and stare at his hand.

"It's not like you have to hold my hand love. It's just to help you up." He smiles slightly.

"Well, what if I wanted to hold your hand...?" I looked at him softly.

"Then I wouldn't stop you."

"But I don't want to hold your hand." I said laughing. He poked is bottom lip out. "Ouch." He tried to joke but I could read right through him. He was truly sad.

I grabbed his hand to get up and let go. We weaved our way through the school parking lot and I climbed into his car. Stay by Mayday Parade was playing. This was the song. It's my favorite. It was Cameron's favorite. I started to sing along softly.

I glance over to see a soft smile on Luke's face that looked honestly, it looked lost. So I grabbed the hand that wasn't on the steering wheel and held it ever so lightly. Dang this boy has huge hands compared to mine. Yet he is 6'4 and I'm like 5 feet.

After I grab his hand he looks startled. I laugh.

"What's so funny?"

"You weren't expecting that. That's what's funny." I looked back at him and he still looks genuinely sad. What happened to him that I can't figure out.


I felt light taps on my shoulder and it wasn't bright outside. AT ALL. "Sky. Sky. Wake up."

"UGGHHG. Fine." I groggily got up and walked into the bathroom and showered. I grabbed my bag of toiletries to put in my carry on. Then walked over to where I set out my clothes for today. We bought these yesterday along with an entire new wardrobe.

I grab my "black is the new black" tank top, acid washed jeggings, the nightmare before Christmas cardigan, my white high tops, glasses, and my moms bracelet.

(Outfit link: www.polyvore.com/skylers_outfit_chapter/set?id=141347291 )

I grab my carry on/duffle that has a bunch of sleeping crap in it and set it by the door. I run to get my backpack and make sure it has the picture of Cameron and I in it. Then I get my emergency pill capsules and stick one in both bags.

I went and grabbed my "In Loving Memory of Your Bullshit UNIF" hat and put it on backwards. They really don't care what we wear at this school. If they did Callie and I both would have been sent home to change more than a million times.

(Carry on and such link: http://www.polyvore.com/skylers_london_carry_on_bags/set?id=141363171 )

Callie comes down the stairs dressed like a model. She obviously re-dyed her hair last night.

(Callie's Outfit and cary on: http://www.polyvore.com/callies_outfit_chapter/set?id=141351646

http://www.polyvore.com/callies_trip_to_london/set?id=141378795 )

"Callie. You know London is like 2 degrease this time of year. Right?"

"You know what. Beauty hurts."

I just but out laughing. So does she.

"Oh. Sky, did you get the picture of you and Cam you never go anywhere without...?"

I just stared at her. About to tear up.

"I'm sorry. I forgot that's a not so hot topic."

I walk over and hug her.

"It's ok. I wish I could forget."

"I know you do babe. I know."


We pull into the airport parking lot and meet up with everyone. Yay.

"Morning sunshine." Ashton giggled.

"Stop I know I look like crap you don't have to tell me." I smiled.

I walked over to Luke with Ashton trailing behind me. I really don't think he wants to be in this conversation. Whatever.

"Hey, Luke. Do you remember what happened last night? All I remember was borrowing your phone and you giving me a ride. Never getting out of the car or anything."

He smiled. "Well after you held my hand you fell asleep."

Ashton comes up behind me and snakes an arm around my waist. I'm guessing he was listening to the conversation. It's too early for me to react to anything so I let it be.

Luke just looks even more sad "So. Uh. After we. Uh. Got to your house I just carried you inside and put you in your bed. Callie was dyeing her hair again."

"Ok. Well thank you." I yawned.

Mrs. Coons led us to boarding. I sat in my "designated seating area" and pulled my penguin pillow pet out that Luke gave me for my birthday one year and my blanket. I glance over and Callie is already out. We haven't even moved yet. I pushed my seat back some and slid my bags under my seat.

Only 2 weeks. You can handle that Skyler. Right?

A/N: So. What do you think? This is pretty long. Question time!!! Who do you think Cameron or Cam is? Can you feel the awkwardness yet? How did you like Callie's threat towards Luke and Ashton? Why do you think Skyler has "emergency pills" as she calls them? Thank you guys for reading this!

XOXO- Graham & Kiley

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