Good Girl Or Bad?---A Five Seconds Of Summer FanFic---

Katrina Clifford. Bad past, empty future. She reunites with her brother Michael and old best friend Calum, as well as meets her brother's band, which includes Calum and two new faces. One boy in particular demands her attention, which is both hard to ignore and hard to give into. He could never like her and she could never let herself like him. Except that you can't control these things. They control you. Things happen, for better and for worse. It's called life. You don't always get to chose how you live.


3. Chapter 3

                I wake to something shadowing the light over my eyes, open them, and see three boys leaning over me. I sit up, shrieking. They were watching me sleep? Sitting forward, I'm faced with a smirking Luke, looking super sexy in his morning attire. I slide to my feet, turning away from him. I cross my arms over my chest, facing the three creepers. "Ahem."

        "Yes?" they all three ask innocently. I groan, rolling my eyes and rushing up the stairs to my room. I swing the door shut, but it never closes. I turn to see Luke stride in and sit on my bed like he owns the place. I go up to him, looking down. "Um, can I help you?"

        He lays down, stretching across my bed, arms clasp under his head, peering up at me. "Nope, I'm pretty good right here, thank you." I roll my eyes, settling my gaze on him with a, what the hell, are you serious? look. He only laughs at that, before sitting up, sighing, looking serious. "Michael told me how much of an ass I was yesterday. I wanted to apologize.

        I laugh at myself, barely able to believe what I'm hearing. The Luke Hemmings, a bad boy, and an obvious jerk, is apologizing to me? And I didn't have to do anything? Whoa.

        I sit on the bed pretzel style, facing him. "I get it, Luke. Trust me, I really do. You boys aren't related, but are just like brothers. I'm really glad you have them, because that means that they have you. You're a weary person, closed off. I really do get that. It just means you'll be there to look out for those you love. You and the boys might not be blood, but you're family. Sometimes, I think that's better than the real thing. You can't pick blood, but you can pick who to love, who to trust."

        "Sometimes, even that backfires."

        "Yes Luke," I sigh, "yes, it sometimes does. But that's what this is for." I reach over, place my palm over the place where his heart is, my pulse speeding against it's warm beat. Our eyes lock and he smiles at me, a true, real smile. I melt. He is literally the sexiest person I have ever seen. And that's saying a lot, considering my last boyfriend, Gavin. He had a job at a tattoo parlour giving piercings, gave me most of the ones I have. He had so many of his own. Piercings, they worked on him, but on was just so natural and beautiful. Everything about him drew you in, and excited me. 

        I jerk up at the sound of my computer ringing. I reach over and lazily answer the call. But the person on the screen is not Carla. "Gavin?" My voice hitches on the exclaimed question, emotions a mixture of nervousness, confusion, and just plain pissed off and annoyed. 

        "There's a boy in your room, who I know isn't your brother."

        "Yes Gavin, very good, there is! And it's also none of your business."

        "I'm your friend, of course I care."

        "You don't know the meaning of 'care' and you've lost the best friend tittle, remember? Stepbrother."

        "Boyfriend," he smirks, "I think you're forgetting that we dated."

        "Yes, sadly, we did. Did, that would be ex boyfriend."

        "Come on now, Kat, don't be like this."

        "Don't be like what? You broke up with me. And I'm completely over you. There's nothing left to discuss on the matter, that was never really existent in the first place."


        We were friends before we found out it was his dad who was marrying my mum, and by then, I was already head over heels. I loved him, but rejected him over and over. We were best friends, I didn't want to risk losing what we had over some fight. But I eventually gave in when he said our love was strong enough, because we were best friends, that it would work in our favor, that we would work out. But being best friends meant we knew each other well. He knew how far was too far with me. He had girls falling at his feet, begging, but not me. And he never pushed me to give into him,either, out of respect. Or so I thought, but in reality, he was sleeping with all those other girls while we were dating. I gave him an option, me, or them. He chose them. That was his weakness. We all had our ways of dealing, as an escape from the real world. I know why he did it. We had to go through similar things. I don't blame him, for looking out for himself. He spent his life protecting his sister from harm, and I protected him. But it still hurt, knowing I'll always be that insignificant second for everything. 


        "But I still love you."

       I snort, but change the subject as a reply. "You're my ex boyfriend and stepbrother only, and my best friend's brother, at the most. So, speaking of, where is Carla?"

        "You see, that's what I wanted to discuss with you. Things aren't going well and I want to get Carla away for awhile. I know you just left and everything, but she'd love to see you, and---"

        "She can come stay with us!"

        "Kat, I think you should probably talk to your dad first."

        "Dude, who the hell are you, anyway?"

        "Her Boyfriend," Luke smirks.

        Whoa, what?! He gives me a look, like "I'm helping you." I smile in return.

        "But, you've been gone for less than twenty four hours?"

        "Love at first sight. One look and I just knew that she was it for me." He looks at me with a smiling glint in his eyes. Luke is just acting sweet, I remind myself, this isn't real. I can't decide if he's a bad actor or a good one. He seemed genuine enough, and his words definitely had some kind of effect on me. But I'm not too sure Gavin was convinced. His only bother is probably Luke's closeness to me, our holding hands. That he's not here and Luke is, that someone else has what he wants. Or what he claims to want, at least.

        "Luke, you're the man of this house, too!" I giggle, hating this acting thing. Then I fake sigh, "But I'll ask my father...because you asked me too! And I'll let you know later what he says, okay Gav?"

        I mentally curse myself for calling him Gav. He smirks, face blinking off the screen.

        I groan, flopping down on my back. Luke coughs, drawing my gaze up to him. I realize we were still holding hands and blush, pulling my arm back. He smiles, sitting leaned over me. He was so close, unmoving, and my body had a mind of its own. My hand rises to his exposed upper body, fingers tracing the tattoos on his skin there lazily. I was aware I was doing it, but couldn't seem to stop myself. I was frozen, staring at him. He kind of gapped, shocked. In one swift movement, he was on his feet and out the door, not a single word said or glance spared looking back.

        I can only think to myself, why the hell did I just do that?

       I really need to get a grip

       Every time I close my eyes, it's his face I see. That perfect smile and flirty smirks. Those sexy piercings and perfect tattoos. I want to see, kiss, touch, and trace every last one of them, know where they end and where they begin. I think of doing things with this boy I barely know, things I've sworn would never happen, ready or not.

        I need to snap myself out of this.

        I can't help that I'm here. I want to be here. I need to be here. I need my family. What I don't need is love. That never ends well and I can't take anymore heartbreak. i'm done letting myself fall. I'm in control of this flight now, and I'm forcing myself to land, feet firm to the ground.

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