French School Girl

It all starts from the time Bella came back from France your over protective brother last saw her when she were 14.

Bella's 16 almost 17 an she come back to Sydney but her brother is friends with a few hot guys.

As she go through high school she realises girls in there were more popular but she wasn't bothered and because of this a certain someone had a massive crush on her.

Only she will know how he feels until he reveals the suprize and to her astonishment she found out something new!!


1. It all started when bella was 14

Hellas point of view:...

" Bella hurry up we have to leave the surprise starts soon" jake screamed. I had just finished getting ready I was wearing my favourite plaid shirt and my black skinny jeans which I ripped myself. Jake had this prise all planned out and I still don't know what's going on or where we're going. All I know it because I'm leaving with my dad to go to France and I'll be back when I'm older... "Fucking hell Bella hurry up we have to leave" he screamed again with a little more anger!

I ran downstairs and left, got into his car and drove off.

Arriving and this place he said we were a little early and we could stay in the car. "Who are we waiting for?" I questioned him "just a band I know they go to my school I just thought since I know them maybe you might like them since your into that punk pop stuff" he Said looking round as if we weren't supposed to be there. "Come on let's get out, there gonna start." We got out the car and walked into the pub

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