French School Girl

It all starts from the time Bella came back from France your over protective brother last saw her when she were 14.

Bella's 16 almost 17 an she come back to Sydney but her brother is friends with a few hot guys.

As she go through high school she realises girls in there were more popular but she wasn't bothered and because of this a certain someone had a massive crush on her.

Only she will know how he feels until he reveals the suprize and to her astonishment she found out something new!!


2. In The Pub

Jakes point of view:

Walking in I felt the urge to tell her the bands name but I want it to be a surprise. We walked into the stage hall and we were directed to out seats which were in front row on the side right next to the stage. There weren't many 14 year olds like Bella, more 16-20 year olds but it was a pub so that properly explains it. "Jake tell me the name of the band please!?!" She begged ,"sorry Bella I can't tell you it's a surprise."

We waited a while until we heard Ashton (the drummer) say," hey guys were five seconds of summer this is our first gig if you like us give us a huge cheer!" And that's when Bella screamed like everyone else. Seconds later like Calum and Michael come on stage and start playing teenage dream!

From Bella's point of view:

They had just finished there 4th song they are amazing! My brother and I sang along laughing and cheering I was surprised the guys on stage didn't hear us. Most people were totally drunk but my brother promised tonight he wouldn't he's only 16 and i wasn't holding him back but if he thinks it would be best then ok. "Bella I have to go the loo be back in 5" he whispered giving me a hug and a kiss on the cheek "ok hurry or you'll miss the next song!" I shouted at him as he walked away.

A few minutes past and my brother hadn't come back he texted me saying he was lost, knew it.

The guys on stage started speaking "well guys we just want to say were gonna take a brake for some of you to get a drink and use the loo and stuff be right back!" Wow, I thought, the blond ones voice sound amazing.

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