French School Girl

It all starts from the time Bella came back from France your over protective brother last saw her when she were 14.

Bella's 16 almost 17 an she come back to Sydney but her brother is friends with a few hot guys.

As she go through high school she realises girls in there were more popular but she wasn't bothered and because of this a certain someone had a massive crush on her.

Only she will know how he feels until he reveals the suprize and to her astonishment she found out something new!!


3. At the break

Jakes point of view:

I just texted Bella she said it's a break and she's just waiting for me. It's cleared up a bit I walked off to find Bella. I finally found her "Bella OMG I finally found you I thought it was a break" I asked Because the band was still on stage, "they want to stay on stage I guess.." She shrugged. We talked for a bit until Luke came over, "heyy you two you know it's a break you can get a drink.." "Erm it's ok Luke my sisters only 14 so I was just bringing her here for a gift!" I said leaning Onto the edge of the stage. " okay we'll see you after the show" he said walking away.

Bella's point of view:

After the show what did that blond boy mean..."after the show jake!" I darted a screamish whisper at him,"it was meant to be a surprise but I guess you know now anyway after the show they will Sign something for you and will hand out some posters." He explained dragging us back to our seats.

A few minutes passed and it was soon packed up again with even more drink teens. My brother smiled "there gonna start now for the second half" I smiled back giving a. Little fake giggle. "Thanks guys we've lost quiet a bit of time so this is our last song hope you guys enjoy!" I cheered as I noticed it was teenage dirtbag my favourite song ever!

I sang my heart out straight through the song and the tall blonde one and the drummer gave a few glances and smiled to see I was singing which made me self conscious. " thanks guys but I'd like to say one more thing...hey you there?" The blonde one pointed at me, "you likes that last song great singing by the way!" He winked and I blushed! "Okay thanks guys come back stage to meet us bye !"

Luke's point of view:

" guys that girl was a really good singer!" "Yeah we know " Callum said laughing, "hmm I think Lukey Wukey has a little crush on a fan!" Michael joked "shut up" I hissed back at him! "Guys stop people are here to get things signed " Ashton said standing up to go to the signing area.

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