Flat 51 - #Troyler AU FanFiction

Who knew that a brief hook-up could lead to one of the most dramatic experiences of my life? I certainly didn't, and now nothing will be the same again.


1. 1 - Flat 51

I looked down at my phone, the words 'Grindr' dominating the page. Beneath it, the picture of the man I was about to meet. "Short in height, but long in length ;)", it stated. Trembling, I put the phone down. Very shortly, I was going to find that out for myself. I returned my eyes to the road, keeping a close watch at the road signs as I moved past them. Where was it... Irritated, I tapped my fingers against the steering wheel. It had to be somewhere near here...

My vision panned upwards, and I saw it. A large dreary block of flats loomed above me, screaming 50 Shades of Grey in every aspect. Paint was peeling off on nearly every brick, as if trying to break free of the building and its grime. I couldn't blame it. Who would live in a place like this?

Gently, I parked my car and stepped out. The musty air felt almost damp against my skin. You could hear nothing but the terrific roar of traffic in the distance. Then, anxiety began to flow through my veins, gushing out litres at a time like a ferocious waterfall. My shaking had now increased drastically, and even my sight seemed to be impaired by the repetitive sideways motion of my body. Anyone who lived in a place like this could not be good. This was a bad idea.

Suddenly, a loud ring was audible through the pocket of my jeans. I pressed the button on my phone, the screen immediately flashing to life, and read the incoming message with dismay.

'I can see u down there. lets have fun ;)' I stood absolutely rigid, unsure of what to do. Do I just leave now? Should I go ahead with it? Questions ricocheted around my head at lightning speed, clouding my thoughts with the fog of the unknown. Almost automatically, my feet began to move forwards. Why am I doing this? I did not dare to look up, for I knew he would be there. Before I knew it, I had arrived at the entrance. I allowed myself one second of clarity, before pushing the door open with an unpleasant creak.

Soon, I then found myself at the elevator. My fingers clammy with sweat, I pushed the button, nervously waiting. And waiting. And waiting.

"Doors Opening." My feet stepped into the elevator. I was hardly aware of my actions as I pressed for level 9 and stood impatiently. Why was I doing this? I looked again at the picture of the man I was about to meet. Blue eyes shone behind the black frames of his glasses. Just 5 minutes ago, I looked back at those blue eyes with lust. But now, they seemed not at all inviting, but terrifying. It was too late. I couldn't turn back now. A small ding could be heard as the doors of the ancient elevator slid open. The carpet was drained of all colour, and footprints appeared behind me through the thick layer of dust that coasted the floor. I made my way towards Flat 51, my brain on autopilot. 48... 49...




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