Deranged (Obsessed sequel)

Obsessed sequel. After Alex's death, Harry goes through some challenging times. He suffers with depression along with another bunch of conditions. On the day of Alex's 20th, Harry spots an Alex lookalike. What goes through Harry's head is not the normal kind of style, but one of a psychopath.


6. Chapter 6

My eyes beamed straight into this girl, the muffled roars of the crowd surrounding her. She looked behind her in confusion, not knowing that I was looking right at her. She wasn't at the front more in the middle standing section. I don't even know how I spotted her, she just kind of caught my eye.

my shoulders were being tugged by the boys, who were obeying the commands that were being said through the ear plug in my right ear.

"Haz, listen mate we've got to get you backstage, management are going nuts"

Liam's authoritive tone removed me from my trance. I slowly peeled my eyes from this girl and met with Liam’s. With a tilt of his head, I was being ushered along with a wave of 'boos' behind me.


I was placed in Lou's room - bar Lou. A warm cup of tea was placed next to me while I sat cross legged on the floor. It seems stupid, but for one moment, I actually thought it was Alex. It was impossible, but just for that one moment, the world seemed like a better place.

I sat alone for a few more minutes, when the person I needed the most walked in.

"Hey buddy"

His voice was quiet, but that sort of accent, it always sounded like he had a hop in his step.

As happy as I was to see him, I couldn’t even look at him. I carried on staring at the same spot that I had been for ages now.

"What happened out there? You were fine...and then you weren’t?"

I still didn't remove my eyes from the spot, but my hands groped for the tea. I pulled it to me and took a sip. It was now just above luke warm, but that was the last thing on my mind right now.

My head was reeling. I didn't know what to do, or what to do with myself.

"There was a girl"

Niall nodded, urging me to go on.

"I-I thought she was Alex"

"Mate, Alex die-"

"I know she's dead Niall!"

My sudden outburst made me spill some tea onto the wooden floor.

Niall's head looked down at the ground solemnly. I took another sip of tea.

"Has everyone left yet?"

I asked with a pang of hope in my heart.

Niall's face screwed up.

"I don't think they have yet, but they're about to though"

With that, I jumped up, not caring if the remains of the tea stained the floor and ran to the stage.

There she was.

I think she was with another friend. I grabbed my microphone and stormed on stage like a man on a mission.


I pointed at her as all the girls looked around, thinking I meant them.

"Come up here"

I looked at a security guard who nodded and made his way to her.

The rest of the boys were in shock, didn't know how to react, or if this was a good idea.


I waited backstage with Niall until the girl was brought into me.

"Mr Styles, we have the girl you requested"

"Bring her in"

Niall looked at me unsure. The woman nodded before adding;

"She has a friend with her. She refuses to come with out her"

"Let them both in"

In walked the two girls. Niall and I automatically stood up to greet them.

"Nice to meet you. I’m Harry, and this is Niall"

I held my hand out the Alex lookalike. The resemblance was uncanny.

Her face turned bright red as she shakily reached out for my hand. I gently placed it in my palm and brought it up to my lips while looking her in the eyes.

She nervously giggled.

"What’s your names?"

Niall asked the question I had been dying to know, but was just too captivated by her beauty to say it.

"I’m Annie, and she's Rose"

Rose. That's her name. Rose.

"Beautiful names for beautiful girls"

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