Deranged (Obsessed sequel)

Obsessed sequel. After Alex's death, Harry goes through some challenging times. He suffers with depression along with another bunch of conditions. On the day of Alex's 20th, Harry spots an Alex lookalike. What goes through Harry's head is not the normal kind of style, but one of a psychopath.


4. Chapter 4

I was met by confused gazes as I walked towards the car.

"You wasn't long. We were expecting you to be a bit longer"

Louis' voice rang out in my ears as I opened the car door. It sounded more like an accusation rather than a question. I shrugged my shoulders as a response, still not making eye contact with any of them.

They knew well enough not to press on as it would only increase my temper. I pulled the seatbelt across my chest and clipped it in. The boys piled in the car not long after.


The journey to the stadium was brief and quick, I liked that. We were escorted through the crowd and led through a back door that led to a long corridor with rooms on each side.

I was shown to my room whom I shared with Niall, as I wasn't aloud to be on my own. The peppy Irish lad bounced past me and straight to the small table that had a small array of cheese and crackers. He quickly shoveled the small biscuits and cheese down his throat one after another.

"Want some?"

Tiny crumbs flew out of his mouth and landed on the floor as he mumbled the words to me. I shook my head.

"You have them, seems like you're enjoying them"

A smirk crept on my face as he nodded and carried on scoffing them, now taking a seat next to the tray of snacks.

I looked around the room allowing my feet to wander freely. They led me to the clothes rack. I pulled the hangers to the left one by one and flicked through the others with my right hand. I eventually got bored of looking at clothes and took a seat on the black leather sofa placed in the middle of the room. My eyelids began to grow heavy and slowly droop down, allowing me to drop off into a peaceful slumber.


Her laugh filled the room. Her, throaty yet feminine laugh.

"Harry stop! Please!"

She rolled from side to side trying to escape my grasp from under her arms.


She carried on yelling my name begging me to stop. Tears started to roll down her cheeks. I laughed along with her.

"Im not stopping until you give me what I want"

She shook her head enthusiastically.


She smiled at me sarcastically, her one dimple popping in her left cheek.

"Well I guess im not stopping then"

I gleamed back at her. I wiggled my fingers more and pushed slightly harder into her flesh. Her laugh turned hysterical and high pitched.

"Okay! Okay! I give up"

I stopped the movement in my fingers and raised my eyebrows at her, looking down at her intensified eyes.



I removed my hands from her arms and cupped the back of her head, my thumbs either side of her cheeks and leaned in closer to her face. Her panting breath hit my face lightly as our eyes met. I pushed my lips against hers, hers following the movement of mine, both moving in sync.

Her fingers buried into my hair as she used it to help her sit up against the headboard. She slowly pulled away from the kiss, both of us now gasping for air. Her teeth clamped on her bottom lip, our eyes only focused on each other. We fell into a comfortable silence of just staring at each other.

I broke it soon after.

"I always get what I want"

She scoffed and hit me on my bare shoulder.

"Just this time"

"And every other"

She shook her head.

"Dont expect to get what you want every time, Styles. Because it wont always be there"

I raised my eyebrows.

"Of course it will be"

Before she could say another word, I lunged towards her and pushed her back down to the soft mattress, her head hitting the pillow and sinking into it.

"I love you, Alex"

I planted a kiss on top of her forehead.

"And im never going to let anything happen to you"

I again placed another kiss on her forehead.

"I love you too, Harry"

She grabbed both of my cheeks and pulled it towards her head, making me fall and drop all of my weight onto her. She crashed our lips together, this time her taking control.


I heard faint whispers, but too involved to pull away.


And again.

"Harry, wake up"

My vision went blurry and bright. Alex disappeared, the room disappeared, everything disappeared.

My eyes adjusted to a sight of a woman infront of me.

"Come on, we have to get ready"

It was Lou.

Since Alex passed away, for some reason it had taken a massive impact on her, causing her to try new hairstyles and makeup pretty much every week. This week it was a short sharp black bob with smoky eyes.

"Come on, the show starts in 20"

She dragged me up and into her chair and started to throw different products into my hair.

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