Deranged (Obsessed sequel)

Obsessed sequel. After Alex's death, Harry goes through some challenging times. He suffers with depression along with another bunch of conditions. On the day of Alex's 20th, Harry spots an Alex lookalike. What goes through Harry's head is not the normal kind of style, but one of a psychopath.


2. Chapter 2

I sat in the back seat of the black 4x4 that was escorting us to the venue. My head was resting on my hand as I stared aimlessly out of the window at the slow traffic.

The boys were chatting to one another whilst I decided I wanted a bit of peace to myself and zoned out of their conversation.

My mind went into flashback mode. They were flickering between thoughts I had mentally tried to bury for ages.


"It was a foetus. It was already dead. I am very, very sorry for your loss"

I fell too the floor in hysterics, howling my guts out. I was weak. I collapsed with my face pressed against the cold, dirty tiles and now silent tears trickling down my face.

I stayed there for about five minutes silently sobbing when a wave of anger suddenly burned it's way through me. A mighty roar escaped my lips and my fists made contact with the floor repeatedly. They started to get more and more forceful with every hit.


I picked my drained body from the floor and made a bee line for the door.

Two pairs of hands grabbed my shoulder and hip.

"Harry, just calm down mate"

The words were just a jumble in my head as all that I could focus on was on the girl who I had just been told was now out of my life forever.


Their voices became louder.

I stopped what I was doing and spun around with tears still burning in my eyes. My mind had gone empty, completely blank.

I was met by a pair of blue eyes staring directly into mine. They were sending me some sort of signal, telling me to cool down.

"Harry, just sit down a minute. Let all of this..sink in"

Liam smiled half heartedly at me. My eyes bounced to and from Louis' and Liam's, in an attempt to find answers that not even they knew. I looked around the room like a lost puppy to be met with numerous pairs of sorry eyes.

Louis and Liam led me to a chair and sat me down, both sitting beside me. I stared at the coffee table that led on its side infront of me.

"Harry babe.."

Lou walked up to me and embraced me in a hug. The familiar floral essence of her comforted me as she sniveled on my shoulder. I wrapped my arms around her tiny waist and pulled her onto my lap. Her hand cupped the back of my head as I leaned it on her shoulder, my tears being absorbed by her netted jumper.

We sat there for another two minutes, communicating to each other by sniveling.


"We're here"

Niall placed his hand on my shoulder which brought me back into reality. My eyebrows furrowed as I looked out of the window.

"This isn't.."

A sympathetic grin crossed Nialls face and his head flicked towards the door.

"Come on"

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