19 Years...

What happened to the beloved heroes of the Battle of Hogwarts?
(I know this has been done about a million times, but I still want to write this. This story doesn't really follow the book so please don't hate. If you don't like, don't read.)
This is just a collection of parts of each person's lives. Some people are grouped together with others. :)


1. Harry Potter

Harry's POV:

 It's over.

 Voldemort is gone.

 Everything has changed.

 Even after I vanquished him once and for all, I can't really feel any sense of happiness. I have lost so much, Fred, Tonks, Remus, Sirius. The list goes on and on. Hogwarts is pretty much destroyed, will anything be the same? Probably not.

 I found my beloved friends and their relatives gathered together in the great hall. Most of them were sitting on the benches that provided rest for those who fought in the battle. On the farthest bench being used by the ones I love, I found Hermione, leaning against Ron. The Weasley's were all mourning over the loss of a brother, a son, and a twin. George sat alone on the bench next to Hermione and Ron. He sat in complete silence, as if one word would start a flood of tears. Molly and Arthur were huddled in a quiet conversation. Percy, Charlie, and Bill were on the other side of the room, helping the healers carry the stretchers of the people that lost their lives in the battle.

 Then there was Ginny. The moment she saw me, she started at a run towards me. Her arms wrapped around me in a tight embrace. "I was so worried!" Ginny began to sob. She cried hard into my shoulder. I didn't really know what to do, I have never dealt with this much pain and loss all at once before. So, I just stood there, holding her in an embrace until she finally looked back up at me. "I love you." she chocked out as a steady stream of tears ran down her face. "I love you, too." I said with a weak smile.


 I paced around my room while clutching the small black box with sweaty palms as I mentally prepared myself for the diner that people would remember for a long time. I was going to ask Ginny to marry me. After I finally mustered up enough courage to do...well, anything really, I picked up the floo powder and yelled, "The Burrow!"

 Seconds later I found myself looking out at the cozy sitting room of the Weasley household. Molly had heard me and ran over to tell me that everyone was setting up in the dining room. I made my way over to the company of the rest and helped bring extra chairs for Ginny's friends that would be joining us for her birthday dinner.

 Ginny was actually in her room with Hermione. When Molly said everyone, she really just meant all of the guys. I didn't mind though. I would probably be a nervous wreak anyway if she came within earshot of me.

 Dinner arrived and I couldn't be more nervous. I wanted to propose before we started dinner. It seemed too traditional to ask after dessert and I wanted it to be a little different. Ginny had come down only minutes before and was currently sitting to my left. Ron was to my right, followed by Hermione and Charlie. When everyone had been seated, I decided that it was now or never.

 "Can I get everyone's attention for just a minute?" So formal I thought to myself. The room went silent instantly and I shakily stood up and reached in my pocket. "Ginny" I said as I bent down on one knee. Gasps were heard from all around the room, the loudest being Ginny's.Tears began to form in her eyes as I went on, "I love you so much and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?" I held my breath, waiting for an answer. It didn't last long, though. She jumped up from her seat and threw her arms around my neck and said, "Yes, of course!" just before she brought her lips down to mine and the room around me practically burst with yells of congratulations.


 Our wedding was simple. Only friends and family were seated in front of us as we said our vows and officially became Mr and Mrs Harry Potter. We danced the night away, only stopping to talk with the people that stayed for the reception. Molly was a bundle of tears and so was Fleur, but she was pregnant and all.

 I took Ginny to Scotland for our honeymoon. Our first night together would be as anyone would expect it to be, romantic and without much sleep. Ginny moved into my flat the minute we got back, which earned us more tears from Molly. I could easily see why, though. "Write to us and come and visit whenever you like!" she had told us just before we left.

 Ginny, of course, had practically remodeled the house. I have to say, though, she did a pretty good job. The furniture actually matches the color of the walls and everything seemed to go together nicely. I sat in the living room, drinking some well earned tea when I heard Ginny yelling from the bathroom, "Harry, I need you to come hear...now!" I sadly put down my tea and made my over to the bathroom. She was hovering over the sink and quickly came over to me when she saw me.

 "Harry! We're pregnant! You're gonna be a dad!"

 It took me a second to take that in, and once I did I started grinning like an idiot and picked her up in a tight hug. "We're going to be parents!"


 9 long months passed by with mood swings and plenty of absurd cravings. We were finally in the hospital, waiting to meet our first child. Well, I was waiting. Ginny was panting on the bed next to me yelling some pretty stupid stuff at me. "THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!!!!!!!!!!!! WE ARE NEVER HAVING ANOTHER KID!!!!! I NEED SOMETHING TO DRINK!!!!!!"

 I laughed at that last one. She had gone through a phase where she only wanted grape juice. This baby was doing some weird things to her. We had decided a long time ago that we wanted to keep the gender a surprise. Now I can hardly wait to see this baby.

 Ginny gripped my hand even harder as a contraction came through. I wish I could take the pain for her, but I knew I couldn't. One of the healers came over and said in a surprisingly calm voice, "It's time to push, Ginny."

 I lost feeling in my hand as she began to push with all of her strength. After a long half an hour of pushing, we finally heard a cry rip through the air as our child was born. "Congratulations, you have given birth to a healthy baby boy!"

 Tears escaped my eyes as I cut the umbilical cord and held my son for the first time. "Hello, my little James. I'm your daddy, and this is your beautiful mother." We cherished our first moments together as we finally became a family. 


 I got a call at the ministry from a very pregnant Hermione saying that my wife was in labor. This would be our third and final child. We had decided just after Albus turned 2 that we couldn't go past 3 children. It was too much for us.

 I apparated to St. Mungo's and joined my wife in meeting our first daughter, Lily. I couldn't be any happier.



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