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Kate's POV

"Kate! Get your fine ass over here! We're going to do another video. The viewers love it." My boss, Leo yelled.

"Again? I already did the office play already. I'm tired."

I couldn't help but complain. I've got a headache. "Boohoo. Its with Styles. He's a bit needy." Leo whispered.

I rolled my eyes. "He's going to have to find Lacey because I'm really not feeling good."

"I'm off the set! Bye y'all!" I sped walked to my car and drove to my house at the end of the street. I hate but love to live close to my work.

My iPhone6+ started to blast a Blink 182 song and I put it on speaker.

"Kate speaking."

"Where the hell are you?" Harry's deep voice yelled. I rolled my eyes.

"I'm really not up for another video Styles." I say as I got out of my car and into my house.

"Randy! I'm home babe!" I yelled. "You're still with that douche?" Harry asked. "Ugh. You know that Randy is my ex and he's just staying here for a bit. I gotta go. Bye."

I hung up the phone. Its probably a weird thing to do, living with your ex. Randy and I went strong until he cheated on me.... with a guy.

Everybody thinks he's straight but I was literally just his beard.

"I gotta go! Bye babe. Henry is waiting for me." He kissed my cheek and ran out the door. I rolled my eyes.

Henry is the one he cheated on me with. Sure Randy is a douche but he's my best and only friend.

"Knock knock." I jumped and turned around. "What the fuck Harry? You don't just barge into someone's house!"

He put his hands up in a surrender pose and chuckled. "Sorry babe. But you left me. What was I supposed to do?" I rolled my eyes.

"You could've just fucked Lacey." I argued back. I crossed my arms across my chest and looked at him challengingly.

"You know you're my favorite." He smirked. He started walking up slowly to me and grabbed my waist.


Kissing my neck slowly, I shoved him off and panted. "I'm really not into the mood Styles."

He crossed his arms and you could tell by his facial features, he was pissed. "Why not?"

"Harry, look at me. I'm a mess." I gestured to my current outfit and hair. He grabbed my face in his rather large hands and looked at me.

"You're perfect." He leaned in slowly and gave me a gentle kiss. It was foreign and I liked it. You'd think that an 18 year old girl would end up in college after the hard work in high school would pay off... but it didn't. You see, I got a scholarship to college and I declined it to be pretty. I had friends in high school and sure, I wasn't popular or anything but I still had friends. I stopped contacting them when school ended. I'm a great friend aren't I?

I didn't realize Harry and I were both naked on my bed until he started kissing me again.

"Harry, I need to take my pills." I warned. When you're a porn star, you have to take birth control pills or else, you'd become pregnant.

"It'll only last a few minutes. Take it after." I kept declining but he shoved into me anyways. "Harry!" I moaned over and over again. He thrusted into me until we both cam undone.

"See you later babe." He winked and just as soon as you can say 'what', he was gone.

Later the evening, my phone rang once again. "Hello?"  "Kate! Is that really you?" The all familiar Australian voice of my childhood best friend, Luke rang.

"Luke! No way." I grinned. "Hey babe! Why haven't you called or texted." He asked. I started pacing in my room and playing with the ends of my hair. It's a habit I do when I'm nervous.

"Sorry, I've been a bit busy. What about you? I heard you're in a good college." I smiled at the thought of Luke in college.

"It's honestly great. That reminds me." I heard shuffling of papers on the other line. "I was wondering if you'd like to come to my wedding rehearsal dinner." What! He's getting married! At 18 ?

"But Luke, you're still in college!" I argued. "So? At least I go to college." His tone was rude. "You know what? You're right. I am not in college but at least I'm waiting for the right person."

"Oh come on Kate. I didn't mean it like that." "People don't mean a lot of things anymore. Goodbye Luke." I hung up and slid down into a ball.

I'm not the type to cry and I have no idea why I'm crying but it's not because of Luke's harsh words.

I went on my bed and drifted into a deep sleep.


I woke up with a horrible burning in my throat. I rushed into the bathroom and threw up remaining from my lunch. I cleaned my mouth and brushed my teeth. It was only 1am and I still felt the need to throw up. I stayed up until 6am, still throwing up. "Woah! Babe are you okay?" Randy yelled.

"I honestly don't know. Take me to the store." I demanded as he helped me up. He obeyed and helped me. After walking into the store and buying a pregnancy test, I peed on the stick.

Randy and I waited around for the sign to show up. "Has it been an hour yet?" I asked impatiently. I waited a few minutes until Randy announced it was time.

I slowly slid open the stick. "Positive." And with that, I cried into Randy's arms.

 "Shh. It's okay babe. Don't cry." "I can't believe that fucker got me pregnant!" I yelled. I couldn't stop crying.

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