Bella has always been rich she came from a family which had everything she could ask for what happens when all the money gets too much and she makes a runner who will she meet and what will the risks her parents take to find her .


2. no feelings

first of all i would like to thank all of the 3 likes that i have gotten so far for this story thank you so much guys it means a lot to me now lets get to the story //

chapter 2

i get up from my bedrooms sofa and walk into my walk-in wardrobe and turn the  music on which happens to be my favorite song ( geko ) overdrive and start picking out what outfit im going to be wearing today i look in m wardrobe to find a pretty white lace dress with a silk belt to go with it i then pair it with some cream gladiator sandals and a cream and gold necklace with 3 rings i put on all of the things on me and i get ready to head out for my morning serving of starbucks tea which happens  to be a iced caramel macchiato i grab my Louis Vuitton white bag and rush down the stairs " morning Maria " i say to our cleaner " morning miss Swan how did you sleep tonight well im guessing " she says and i smile at her kindness " yes i did what about yourself " i say and she laughs " fine myself now you better get going your friend is waiting outside for you whats her name again ... " she says her eyes furrowed with taught " oh.. you mean Molly " i say and laugh " oh.. yeah i can never get her name right " she says and i laugh " anway bye "  say and rush out through the door to see Molly in her black ferrari out side my house with her Chanel glasses on her smiling and waving at me laughing i laugh at her and rush over to her car " ready " she says and i nod and get in " so guess who came to town this band " she says and i smile 


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