Bella has always been rich she came from a family which had everything she could ask for what happens when all the money gets too much and she makes a runner who will she meet and what will the risks her parents take to find her .


1. money

chapter 1 

i never took money for advantage i wouldnt even care if i had it or not but my parents did taking it to a new level they wanted everything to be perfect our houses our cars everything all i wanted was a still life with a car mabey too a two bedroom apartment flat not 7 houses 13 cars 4 swimming pools 2 basketball courts and arenas but they wanted what was best for me i understand completely if only they would stay at home for 15 mins i would be so so happy they come back after 3 months on their buisness trips my dad from his company Swans and my mum from her lawyer job. who wouldnt like a house all to themselves to have parties and everything i did have a few on the rare ocassion like a birthday party or a celebration 

i only have one friend which is my best friend Sally she has been there for me since kinder garden and new my situation completely with my parents all ways out and stuff i guess thats enough about me my name is Bella Swan and this is my story 




hey guys ihope you like the short first chapter it was pretty bad but it will get better i promise anyway LIKE COMMENT FAVORITE AND FAN me it would mean the world to me ill ttyl later guys ilysm bye xoxoxooxoxo

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