Bad for me

Gabriella Lashay jones is a normal teenage girl... Well normal enough she is abit goofy and random.... Very very bubbly. She fangirls alot. She prefers to be called Gabby or Shae but most people call her Gabby. But behind every smile is secrets... She is secretly dating he bestfriend since middle school, Michael Clifford from the band 5 seconds of summer... Her parents have no idea about this, she doesn't tell them cause she already gets judgement from them not much by her dad but her mom mostly. Her mom and dad a African American lawyer and doctor and she was taught that black girls don't wear colors in their hair that black girls don't listen to rock. She defies them and if her parents find out, her parents will forbid her from seeing him. Will she ever tell her parents the truth or will she keep her love a secret? Read and find out... Welcome to the crazy random world that is Gabby Jones(:


1. chapter 1

"Gabriella Lashay Jones if you don't get you butt downstairs right now I'm coming up there and dragging you down." My mom yelled from downstairs.

I hate when my mom calls me by my full name my name is Shae or gabby which ever one you prefer. I rolled out of my bed groaning walking downstairs now bothering to brush my hair.

"Bout time you got up. Do you know what time is it? " My mom said finishing cooking the food.

"Like 10 right?" I said still abit tired

"No like 3 in the afternoon you need to stop sleeping late." My mom said putting the hamburgers and fries on a plate and setting the plate in front of me.

"It's not a school day mom it's the summer besides you know I stay up late during the summer." I said eating a fry.

"What do you stay up and do anyway? " My mom said.

"Reading a book." I said lying.

I never tell my mom I'm on tumblr she is clueless about it and I want her to stay that way.

"Well you need to get out a lot more instead of staying cooped up in your room reading books get some friends... Maybe find a nice boy like the one next door." My mom said sipping her tea

I bout chocked on my fries.... It's not that I don't have friends I have 3 of them and they don't come over because they think my parents are kind of stuck up... They barely let me think or do what I want I mean I'm 17... When I dyed my hair black, cut it into what you would call a "scene" or "emo" look and confessed to them that I listen to rock music. I knew it was a bad idea but I thought that they would accept it but instead they flipped their shit. They started saying that I am a African American girl and I need to start acting like it. And the "neighbor boy" that my mom was talking about, his name is Damien. He is a cool boy till we start talking about music... He likes hip hop I like rock music see the problem? I wouldn't have minded until he said that all I listen to is emo fags and all this stuff about them worshipping the devil... I punched him in his jaw... Let's just say we aren't on good terms besides I already have a boyfriend and His name is Michael.... Yes the one from 5 seconds of summer... He is so sweet and amazing but the problem is he is kind of a bad boy... When he used to be in school he would skip school with the boys doing god knows what. I never went because one, I would get my butt handed to me, and two because I didn't wanna ruin my good attendance... I've been taught that unless you are dying you don't miss school, work, or anything... My mom was pregnant with me and worked till she gave birth to me... 2 weeks later she was back... She HATES missing work, she's a lawyer imagine that a pregnant woman close to giving birth proving if her client was innocent and the other person guilty or whatever funny huh? Then my dad is no better, my dad works as a doctor and he broke his leg on our last summer vacation, went to work the next week hobbling on his crutches it was pretty funny. Michael is such an amazing wonderful person and we have been dating for alittle over 3 years now. We were friends before that. We have been friends since middle school and he got the courage to ask me out 3 years ago... I will never forget that day....

"Gabriella did you hear what I said?"

"Huh? What?" I said snapping out of my thoughts

"About what I just said 5 minutes ago."

"Oh yeah mom socializing yeah about that, one, I have friends and two, about the boyfriend thing...." I started to say till my dad came in.

"What are you guys talking about?" My dad said smiling.

"Erm uhhh nothing now I have to go.... Wax my zebra... See ya!" I said awkwardly walking out the kitchen and walking up the stairs.

"Wax her zebra?" I heard my dad say.

I walked into my room and grabbed my phone checking my messages. I had 2 from Mischele, 1 from Cal, and 2 voicemails from Mike(:. I decided to check Micheal's voicemails first.

The first one said:

"Goodmorninggggggg beautifullllll" *laughing in the background* "I was calling to say hello seeing that you didn't answer the phone because your still sleep so typical hey ju... "Tell Gabby Patty I said hiiiiii " I hear Ash saying "Ash says hiiiii but yeah call me when you wake up bye love you!!!!"

I smiled to myself. Yes Ash calls me Gabby Patty long story... I scrolled down to the second one and listened:

"Oh I forgot in my last call I wanted to see to talk to you about something super duper important like life or death important like the world depends on it so call me back as soon as you wake up literally not a minute after. I love you loser"

I couldn't help but giggle at my boyfriends adorablenesses:).... And yes I said adorablenesses not a word? Look it up it's there. I got curious so I decided to call Mike back to find out what was what was "super important" he picked up on the first ring

"Ello beautiful"

"Hey babe what did you have to talk to me about?" I said blushing. I couldn't help it I always blush when Mike calls me beautiful.

"I was calling to ask you a question that you couldn't refuse." Mike said obviously excited.

"Alright ask me."

"Okay I was wondering if you would do me the honor and come out with me to go bowling." Mike said

I can just hear the smile on his face.

"And why should I?" I said raising my eyebrow.

"Because you love me and I'll come kidnap you if you don't."

"Okay okay don't do anything drastic I'll be over your house in an hour. "

"Okay beautiful see you in an hour I love you"

"I love you too."

I hung up the phone trying to contain my excitement. Even though we have been dating for 3 years he still makes my heart skip a beat when he asks me out.... I looked at the time, it was 3:30 and I had 1 hour to get ready.

I jumped in the shower singing alittle bit of all time low dancing around while shampooing my hair getting alittle in my eye.

"Son of a unicorn pooper." I said whipping my eye. After I washed the soap and stuff off I wrapped my towel around me and walked over to my closet. I decided to wear my favorite all time low tank top with a black pair of ripped skinny jeans and my black and white converse. I walked to the mirror and straightened my hair putting on eyeliner, mascara, and lipgloss. I looked in the mirror to make sure I looked good before I grabbed my dozen of bracelets putting six on each side, sprayed on my favorite perfume and put on Mike's beanie that I stole from him awhile back that he is never getting back as long as mankind lives. What? It's that amazing... I grabbed my phone and looked at the time. It was 4:30. I walked downstairs.

"Mom, Dad I'm fixing to go out with friends." I said fixing to walk out.

"I didn't know you had friends you never bring them around... And why are you dressed like that?" My mom said looking at my clothes with disgust

"Sorry I'll make sure to get on that and yes I am what's wrong with it. " I said.

"You look... Emo why do you go out in public like that? Are you cutting yourself the reason why you wear all those bra...." My mom said but I cut her off.

"Emo? Emo? Mom I am who I am I'm not emo don't put fucking labels on me and I don't 'Cut myself' anymore you KNOW I had a problem with it a few years back. I have been clean ever since stop holding it over my fucking head!!!!" I said yelling in her face not caring if I cussed.

Me and my mom always go through this. She talks about what I wear, how I act and blaming how I dress on the reason why I used to cut myself. It was the constant TEASING at school the reason why it was the fact I saw no purpose in LIVING the reason why I did it.

"You shouldn't talk to your mother like that" my dad said walking in angry.

"Fuck off!" I said grabbing my keys and slamming the door. I walked over to my car, unlocked it then got inside sitting there for 5 minutes. My mom never understands no matter how hard I try to explain to her. The pole is so far stuck up her ass that she doesn't realize that those words hurt me. I love her don't get me wrong I just think she doesn't make an effort... I cooled down before turning on the car and pooled out my driveway heading to Mike's house.....

*Note from author*

Ello gorgeous people(: how do you like the book so far? Is it fair that her mom judges her? Will she ever tell her parents about Micheal? Read on and find out(: I will update as soon as I can so bear with me(: I love you guys and thank you for choosing my book make sure you like and comment maybe fan me(: if you do I will let you pet my baby panda(: if not that's okay too(: Mr. Buff unicorn will take care of you lol jk jk or am i?(; sorry for my rambling if you read this thank you so much(: if not well fuck you too lol well thanks again have a nice day(:

-Koyah bear(:-

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