I fell in love with my babysitter

I was doing just great when my parents decided to go out of town and leave me with a dun dun dun babysitter i'm 15 i don't need someone to watch my every move and what i do gosh. He's here shiz i don't know how these 2 weeks are gonna go but you know lets hope they go fast or not :O!


4. Why?!?!

I finally decided to ask him about the party, i think he's going to agree and let me go. If he doesn't i'll go mad. 

Priya: "So you know the party yeah, because my parents aren't here can i go" Sweat appeared on my forehead, i bit my lip in anticipation. He turn towards me with a look an unexplainable look, i was weirded out.

James: "Ha! you really think im going to let you go?" He crossed his hands over his chest. My eyes widened i scoffed

Priya: "What are you serious James! you're not my parent i asked you because i thought you'd let me go. Wow!" i crossed my arms across my chest in anger, i stomped my foot on the ground and groaned 

James: " What if something happens then I'm responsible for it, also i do not want to see you get hurt or anything to happen to you, you got that!" He marched out of the room in frustration.

Being a rebel and that. I went anyways, i couldn't give 2 shizzles. I put on my party clothes, i waited till James fell asleep on the couch, my friend was waiting for me outside. I was sneaking across the kitchen making sure not to make a noise so he wouldn't wake up. I saw Carmen outside of my window, i ran to her and gave her a hug, we smiled at each other and made our way to Jakes house. We made it there holy shit it was loud you could feel the vibrations of the music on the ground. I looked at carmen she looked back at me and we both gave each other a wide smile! and entered the house. 

*1hr later*

We had red cups full of redbull, no alcohol for us. I made my way to the toilet to barf i had a feeling that it was spiked with alcohol carmen held my hair back while i was puking my brains out it wasn't a good feeling. I got back on my feet and walked around the house and sat down in someones bedroom i didn't mean to intrude but, i needed to lay down. Even if there were people having sex behind me. totally ignoring the moaning at the back i finally went out of that room. Went downstairs dropped a couple of stairs only minor injuries, maybe a concussion.

Who knows, as i got up someone picked me up, and brought me to the sofa, i sat i was really drunk didn't know what was going on, the guy who picked me up was sitting next to me who was flirting and touching my leg, he leaned into kiss me i kissed back. As soon as i realised that i'd just kissed someone i didn't know i pulled back. He cupped my face, i was being stubborn and pushed his hands away he started going up my leg i pushed his hand away and then.....

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