I fell in love with my babysitter

I was doing just great when my parents decided to go out of town and leave me with a dun dun dun babysitter i'm 15 i don't need someone to watch my every move and what i do gosh. He's here shiz i don't know how these 2 weeks are gonna go but you know lets hope they go fast or not :O!


1. why do this to me

Hi i'm Priya Jones how you doing? good i'm doing good too. I'm 15 a tomb boy and my parents travel a lot. I love it, its a blessing and a curse to be totally honest with you, my parents don't trust me so they would get me a babysitter every-time they'd go out of town little did i know that my babysitter would be the love of my life the one and only James Yammouni and this is the story of how we fell in love.

It all started when i was upstairs minding my own business doing my homework especially maths oh how i hated maths with a passion, i had thought maths was a good subject until satan said 'Let there be letters in maths'. I would say i'm a C straight student, my teacher is strict but she taught me well. Anyways i was doing my work when my parents called me down. I knew what was coming "Oh Priya we are going out of town" "Oh and we've already got your babysitter" they were just so predictable. I made my way downstairs slowly, as you heard me coming downstairs you would hear the thumps as i took each step. I peered through the holes on the banister and saw my parents laughing and giggle as soon as i stepped on the bottom floor it had fallen silent. 

My dad came up to me put his arm around my shoulder and dragged me and placed me on the sofa. Here it comes.

Dad: "Hey Priya we are going out of town for 2 weeks aha" he said holding his hands together

Priya: "Yeah i know, so.. am i going to be home alone!" i said in excitement 

Mum: "You're so silly no, i'd never leave you here alone i already got you a babysitter it-"

she smiled i cut her off

Priya: "A babysitter are you kidding me, i'm 15 mum dad come on please" i said as i gave them the puppy dog eyes

they both looked at each other and at me and shook there heads 

Dad: "Come on you're going to like him he's your mums friends son James James Yammou-" i cut my dad off

Priya: "JAMES YAMMOUNI? the boy i used to hang around when i was like 6 i don't even remember him clearly maybe he's not who he says he is what if he's a masked murderer?" my parents looked at me and started laughing so loud i stared at them with a blank look.

Mum: "You sure have a wild imagination i'm sure he's not i saw him the other day, he's such a nice boy such a gentleman" i sighed and rolled my eyes there was legit no point in arguing about having and not having a babysitter "fine" i said as i left to go back and do more work yay.

I forced my body up the stairs and approached my room, did i have a lot of work yes was i going to do it no. Instead i went on facebook and searched up this guy. "James Yammouni" i scrolled down and clicked on his page. I was friends with him i made and O with my mouth, i did't even realise he was on my page, he hardly posted so you know. I saw this really cute attractive boy with a dimple piercing, i felt my eyes were deceiving me but no that was.. James. Who was apparently my childhood friend. I was to busy reading fanfics and stories on wattpad and movellas at about 12am, under my duvet cover nice and toasty. Until i heard the facebook notification sound, i groaned and wondered who it was as i clicked on facebook, the bright light of the screen blinded me for a second i hissed, as soon as i could see the screen clearly, i cocked an eyebrow i was curious to find out who would want to message me at 12 in the morning . And i saw the name clearly James Yammouni, i scoffed and rubbed my eyes. But it was true James had messaged me. We talked for 2hrs straight weird huh.

James: Hey :)

Priya: Hi :P

James: i haven't spoken to you in ages :P

Priya: IKR thats so weird how you are my babysitter aha

James: Its going to be loads of fun can't wait

Priya: Yeah me either 

We talked for 2hrs straight weird huh. It was something about him that made me want to talk to him even more.

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