I fell in love with my babysitter

I was doing just great when my parents decided to go out of town and leave me with a dun dun dun babysitter i'm 15 i don't need someone to watch my every move and what i do gosh. He's here shiz i don't know how these 2 weeks are gonna go but you know lets hope they go fast or not :O!


5. What did i do

*James' pov* 

I entered her house, i didn't understand why she took so long to let me in, we weren't strangers aha. There house was magnificent so big and welcoming i'm glad i took this not only will i be hanging out with a beautiful girl but also living her for 2 weeks bullseye. Wait did i just, i'm going to admit she is attractive its not only that her personality is just spot on. She's fun and can be really mean but i just love that about her. The way she dresses really casual oh my gosh. Am i really crushing on this girl oh dear. 

I knew when i popped up to her on facebook that she's going to be awesome to hang around with. So to break the tension i decided to ask her to watch Tv geordie shore, we were watching stupid people get drunk. They were absolutely mental. She brought in snacks and laid them on the sofa there were loads of my favourite treats. As i was eating i could see her watching me eat i actually didn't even mind. Everytime she'd look at the Tv and look distracted i would glance over at her without her noticing. She was just being herself, I know i needed to stop these feelings from developing further but i couldn't i just wanted to grab her face and just kiss her, I had to hold it in the urge was killing me but i stayed strong.

I got to stay over which was great, her room was opposite mine i was in the guest bedroom, i would stare at the ceiling thinking about how gorgeous she would look, with wet hair, i chuckled to the side of my bed, and then faced the ground, i was peeping from the whole below my door and i could see her singing, she didn't even realise that i was still in the house, that made me giggle. I got back up and kept staring at the ceiling, she bursted into the room demanding me to help her with her work, i generously helped her. 

She showed me the paper which had maths questions on there, maths wasn't my strongest subject but i still helped. When she concentrates she looks so cute, she was taking over my thoughts its all full with her on my mind 24/7. Wait what if she feels the same way about me, she makes weird faces at me maybe she's ..thinking... of me ?! no thats silly! she with me, me with her i don't think that'd work but i wouldn't want anyone to have her. It would hurt me if anyone tried it with her or even done bad things to her it would piss me off so bad! why am i getting so angry urgh not likes she's my girlfriend! holy fudge i want to go out with her so bad. She looked up as soon as my anger had flown over, she smiled i smiled back. 

Priya got up and made her way to the kitchen, i'm there trying not to make it bait that i'm crushing hard for her, my face fell on my hand and i was just staring into space thinking of the possibilities of me and her. I was getting into the mood and then the phone rang. Way to go phone couldn't have waited a few minutes. I think it was one of Priya's mates so i passed her the phone. My hand touched her's i swear i felt electricity, it just felt good. While she was having her conversation i was eavesdropping on the conversation, i know its a bad thing but i wanted to know what was going on, i heard squeals and giggling and jumping. She quickly put the phone down fuck i think she saw me i hid behind the wall. I bit my lip and shut my eyes tight,i came out of hiding Priya came towards me and nudged me hard, i thought no she isn't getting away with this, so before she could escape i gripped on to her hand and pulled her in-front of me, i demanded her to tell me what her and her friend where talking about.

She had a blank look on her face and stayed silent. I let go off her hand, regretting it after because she slapped my chest and ran outside i chased after her, i was thinking maybe she does like me we are always flirting like this, there is a chance. We ran outside to the garden i caught up to her and tackled her down lightly, i was on-top of her we were both breathing heavily, i could smell fresh cut grass. We had a small conversation down there i kind of liked the position we were in, she looked so attractive there, am i just being a weirdo i don't know but, Priya she is something. She lied to me saying she would tell me, only if i'd pick her up, which i did she was light as a feather. But no she ran away form me locking me out the house. She forgot one thing the back door was open, i thought get in i'm to clever she looked adorable searching for me outside the window. So i struck like a cobra and grabbed her from the back spinning her around flirtatiously, her giggles sent chills down my spine. 

I dropped her down and grabbed her by her waist and set her infront of me. She still didn't say a word. So i thought it would be a good idea to tiggle her. maybe thats her weakness, so i started to tiggle her after 1-2 minutes she gave up i was laughing because of how she was laughing. She finally admitted it. But i didn't want to hear that.

Priya: "Fine fine fine! i'll tell you!" she caught her breath "I was invited to a party with my friends it was a hot guy so why not?" 

When i heard the word "hot" my heart shattered into a million pieces i didn't know how to react 

James: I removed my hands away and took a step back "Oh" my mood went from 10 to 0 real quick, she was probably really confused, but what she said really hurt me but i didn't understand why.

So a few hours passed, i was still pissed at Priya. I was just in the Tv room, i saw her reflection in the Tv she was coming towards me i thought she was going to ask, why i was pissed but no she had other things on her mind to ask me.

Priya: "So you know the party yeah, because my parents aren't here can i go" i gave her a look, she was nervous i could tell by her lip biting 

James: "Ha! you really think im going to let you go?" i crossed my arms over my chest, and tapped my foot, i could tell she was pretty pissed 

Priya: "What are you serious James! you're not my parent i asked you because i thought you'd let me go. Wow!" now she crossed her arms across her chest in anger she groaned loudly 

James: "What if something happens then I'm responsible for it, also i do not want to see you get hurt or anything to happen to you, you got that!" 

i marched out of the room i had the urge to punch the wall of something but i didn't, after this little fight of ours i decided to take a nap, which was probably the biggest mistake of my life.



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