I fell in love with my babysitter

I was doing just great when my parents decided to go out of town and leave me with a dun dun dun babysitter i'm 15 i don't need someone to watch my every move and what i do gosh. He's here shiz i don't know how these 2 weeks are gonna go but you know lets hope they go fast or not :O!


3. Stop I can't do this

So its been a couple a days since he's been here, the thing is he has to stay over its completely fine, psshhttt. Not like i think of him shirt less or anything. His parents are fine with it as well. We've been hanging out a lot more he helps me with my work. Sometimes when we are so concentrated and we look up at each other,there is such sexual tension that you can cut with a knife, i kind of like the feeling but i can't. When ever i think to myself its always about him i see him staring at me looking at me weird maybe he feels the same way. I'm being silly he wouldn't go for a girl like me i mean look at me, i wear baggy t-shirts, sweat pants, messy buns. I sound like a total mess. 

My friend rang my house phone. I love her she is just the funniest. I didn't pick up but James did he passed me the phone with a wide smile on his face. I took the phone of off his hands and cocked and eyebrow. 

Priya: "Hey whats up ?"

Carmen: "Hey priya guess what?"

Priya: "What?"

Carmen: "No gueesss."

Priya: "i'm not going to guess just tell me already" I can see James listening to our conversation from the corner of my eye. I didn't decide to go to another room what was he doing to me.

Carmen: "Fine we've been invited to a party!!! by Jake!!!"

Priya: "WHAT! REALLY! OMFG!" i squealed loudly! James enters the room and gives me a look 

Priya: I noticed, with no effort i replied " Carmen i'll you later" i put the phone down

I walked straight passed James nudging him. He grabbed my hand as i tried to leave and pulled me in-front of him trying to get me to tell him what Carmen was saying, why i was so happy. I didn't say i stayed silent. As soon as he let go of my hand i slapped his chest and made a run for it i could feel him chasing me i ran as fast as possible

I get out the house, he caught up-to me and tackled me to the ground full of fresh cut grass! he was on-top of me and he held my hands down. I was trying to catch my breath but this was too funny! He reached down to my face, we looked at each other while we were breathing heavily onto each others faces.

James: "What were you talking about why were you so happy?" he smirked 

Priya: I smiled and whispered "Why do you want to know so badly?"

James: "Oh you know... just" he looked down and released my hands but he he was still on my body

Priya: "If you get me up maybe i'll tell you" i smiled. But i was thinking loads of things think the way his hot body pressed against mine and how i wanted to stay in that position for long I couldn't though or he would know something was up. He grabbed both my hands and pulled me up. 

I ran inside before James could come and i locked him out. Not knowing that the backdoor was open he grabbed me from the back and span me around while i giggled, he dropped me down. I still didn't admit it until he started to tiggle me so much, i finally gave up.

Priya: "Fine fine fine! i'll tell you!" i caught my breath "I was invited to a party with my friends it was a hot guy so why not?" 

James: He removed his hands away and took a step back "Oh" is mood went from being super hyper to super low i didn't understand why.

I forgot if i wanted to go anywhere i'd have to ask my "Babysitter", maybe he's cool and let me go. What else i have on my mind is, why he looked so miserable after i told him about this party. Maybe he had a thing for me?. I cocked and eyebrow and shook my head naaa that could never happen him liking me wow no way!


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