I fell in love with my babysitter

I was doing just great when my parents decided to go out of town and leave me with a dun dun dun babysitter i'm 15 i don't need someone to watch my every move and what i do gosh. He's here shiz i don't know how these 2 weeks are gonna go but you know lets hope they go fast or not :O!


2. No Way

It was the next morning oh how i was tired, my parents were packing in a hurry, thinking that they'll be late but to be honest they weren't even, they were up 2 hours before there flight. I was giggling underneath the covers. With my phone out and replying to peoples messages. I got out of my bed, my feet touched the cold floor, slipped on some slippers. Stretched and made my way to the bathroom. Done my brush,washed my face and made my way out; i rubbed my eyes to clearly see i yawned loudly. Strolling downstairs with excitement seen as my parents have already left leaving a note behind. 

I smiled and looked down at it 

Hey honey, we've left for the airport we didn't want to disturb you, so we left you this note also we left you some money on top of the fridge for food or if you are going out and also remember to turn on the sprinkles i hope you behave for these 2 weeks and be nice to James okay see you in 2 weeks, love you very much.

From mum & dad  

I put the letter down, marched my way to the Tv put on some Geordie Shore on,i've got to admit this show was the shit. The drama, the failed relationships everything about it. 20 minutes into the show the doorbell went off, i groaned and got off my butt, i knew it was James. Skipping to the door i opened it, i looked up at this almost 6ft guy with a dirty pig tshirt,jeans and a piercing. No words were coming out of my mouth he was there just smiling, probably thinking why i'm not letting him in.

Priya: "hii-ii" i stuttered "Come iii-n" i cleared my throat 

James: His charming smile appeared "Sure ahah" He entered, i followed his heavenly sent.

He dropped his bag down in the kitchen, came up to me and put his hand out "Hi i'm James" he giggled, i licked my lips, shaking his hand i replied "I'm Priya" We both smiled and stared at each other for a good 5 minutes before the tv played and the Geordies started partying and drinking. James asked and cocked and eyebrow "Can i join you and watch these mad people" I shook my head yes, and guided him to the sofa i grabbed some food and drinks for the both of us and laid them out on the sofa, while we sat on the ends of the sofa. Watching from the corner of my eye, how he ate and how he took a sip of his drink.

I sighed, and thought to myself why am i doing this i'm supposed to be despising him but yet i feel this strong urge to kiss hi-. I stopped myself before i'd thought of something that would never happen. Now i need to stop fantasising and concentrate on the show and show my hatred towards him even tho there was not one bit of hate i had for him.

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