I fell in love with my babysitter

I was doing just great when my parents decided to go out of town and leave me with a dun dun dun babysitter i'm 15 i don't need someone to watch my every move and what i do gosh. He's here shiz i don't know how these 2 weeks are gonna go but you know lets hope they go fast or not :O!


6. He came

While i was getting touched up i tried, getting up and leaving but the boy grabbed me and pushed me on the sofa forcing me to have sex with him, no that wasn't going to happen. i tired getting up again by kicking him and screaming but none of this was working. Until i see two many hands grabbing him from his t-shirt and throwing him towards the wall. I got up in shock with a bit of my dress torn, It was James i was so shocked, i was gobsmacked, speechless. He grabbed my hand and pulls me towards his car. He opened the door got me in and buckled the seat belt. The whole journey home no one uttered a word. I did glance at him a few times but nothing. I put my hand on top of his he moved it away. 

Why was he acting so weird all of a sudden. Not just that but he saved me from that awful disgusting guy, who tried forcing me to have sex i'm so greatful, but how did he know that, that was happening. Carmen! her name sprung to my my she must of called him but i left her at the house! i know her she can take care of her self, but she rang James from my phone probably!. The journey to my house was the longest ever it was so silent and dead. I couldn't even speak to him he came out of the car, opened the my side and got me out. he walked very fast getting to the door. I couldn't take the awkwardness anymore. 

Priya: "Why are you being like this so weird!?" i shouted out to him at first he didn't answer he clenched his fist and hit the door. I took a step back.

James: He let out a huge sigh "Priya you've been killing me you know what! why didn't you listen when i told you not to go huh!" he came rushing towards me but why was he so worried i'm growing up.

Priya: "I wanted to go thats why!and what do you mean i've been "killing" you" i looked up at him

James: "The day we talked on facebook i've been crushing on you hard i thought it was just a phase but i don't think it was you've been on my mind 24/7" he looked up and covered his face 

I tiptoed and moved his hands from his face

Priya: "You-you like me Oh my gosh i-" James cut me off before i could speak

James: "I've heard it before you aren't interested in me its cool you know i-" I reached up to his face and gave him a passionate kiss, because were so silly we forgot the sprinklers where on so as we kissed the sprinkles would act as rain so i'd say that was a kiss in the rain a romantic one. He kissed for a good 3 minutes He kissed back our lips creating fireworks in my mind his soft lips touching mine. It was just magical 

James: "So you did like me then ey ?" he winked and pulling me down onto his arm kissing me like in those romantic movies

Priya: "I actually did have strong feelings for you" I kissed him one last time before he brought me up. We were just hugging in the middle of the front garden with the sprinklers pouring us making our hair wet everything. It felt like a movie even tho i didn't like soppy rom coms! 

After admitting our undying love for one another we started dating, and we promised each-other we wouldn't tell anyone about what happened. And this is the story of how i fell in love with James Yammouni and how we got together.

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