This is my life


1. My life

I was cutting myself bcs no one carred about me not even My parents. The kids at school pin me Down and cut me and called me slut,fake bitch,whore,useless,idiot,fat and Said that i should die. One day i started belive them and tried to comit suecied. But it din't work so i started to vomit i didn't eat or drink all most anything. After a couple of weeks i looked like a skeleton,didn't have any colour in My face anymore and not any power to do something anymore. I just layed in bed and waited to die but i didn't die. Pepoel Said "life is full of beatuy.just close your eyes and open your heart" i tried it, but all i could see was pepoel that was running after me bcs i was a hybrid. Yes i am a hybrid a Cat it all started when i hade a hat in school when it was 30 in the Summer .

I Know short chapter but the next Will be longer

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