This is my life


4. contining

In the hall stood a LOT of pepoel just talking and screaming. When i came Everyone stoped and stared at me wispering something,but i didn't care i just walked past them Rolling My eyes to My locker to get My things when a Brown haired boy Whit blue eyes bumped in to me "sorry are u ok?" He mumbeled, i just nodded and Said "yeaah whats your name?" He looked at me like i Said something wrong " Did i say something wrong?"" i am terible sorry!" " its ok im just not the one that pepoel talk to My name is Louis Tomlinson but u can say Lou if u want to" cool name My name is bethany payne but u can call me beu or bethy" he frozed for a min" are u the Liam payen's sister" i took a lose curl and put it behind My ear" yes ?" I say not knowing what to do" cool he's one of My Old friends but we losed contact and here is his beutiful little sis" he Said smilling like crazy." Thanks " i muttered "shall we leave for class now" i nodded. The rest of The day went fast us talking and stuff.when school was over we switched Numbers i walked home. I see i got a text saying"could we meet at the cinema at 17:30 plz3> Whit love Louis " i replied "shore see there 3> Whit love beu" i got up and started to dress

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