This is my life


3. a normal day

I Did My hair like always wavy, My signatur make up black eyeliner on top and bottom,purple and black eye shadow and dark red lips. My mom yelled from Down stairs "go to school now u fuckin bitch" i frowned and put on a black shirt it was written Whit

black,blue that Said " whatever" some red high waisted ripped jeans to cover My cuts.

I ran to nialls car and jumped in and Said "can i Sleep at your house tonight?" He nodded and asked "Did she scream at u this morning again?" I nodded Whit eyes full of tears "yes" i wisperd. He frowned gave me a Hug "shh shh its going to be okay its Will be okay" i looked up at him and asked" but when?" He looked Down at me and Said "soon really soon i hope" i smiled and Said "thank u your the best friend i could have" he smiled and started the car.we drove like 10 min when we stoped the car we where at school.

The day Will be the next chapter to okay bye

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