Poems of loved ones

My grandpa did everything for me and this is my tribute to the best man I will ever know. My grandma died today so I added this little letter to her


4. Happy birthday grandpa

Dear grandpa

It would have been your 87th birthday today. I love you so much.  I miss you, You Seam to be in everything I do. Wether it's eating your favourite meal or playing a game of cards I think of you. I think of you when I see old cars or tractors ,   Seeing a old car/ tractor reminds me of being in a parade's with you and showing off what you restored. In the spring when I see a humming bird for the first time that year I think of how you loved them so, it makes me want to grab the bird and hug it.  I wish I could care for every thing like you did. When I was five or six there was a daddy long lag on the house that I wanted you to kill it but instead you picked it up and said he can't hurt you his lags are to long for his body to touch your skin.  You let the daddy long lag run all over your hands, you then asked if I wanted to hold it I took it and sense then haven't feared them. You thought me so much in those short 12 years. I just wish you could have taught me more, but you can't anymore because you had to leave not that you wanted to but because you had to. Happy birthday to the best grandpa I have. I will see you again some day.     Sincerely Lauren 
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