Poems of loved ones

My grandpa did everything for me and this is my tribute to the best man I will ever know. My grandma died today so I added this little letter to her


1. life is to short

Things I miss about you

I miss your smile, So calming

I miss your hugs, so warm

I miss your voice, so wise

I miss your hands, so strong

I miss every thing that involved you

But the things I miss most of all are simple things

I miss your whisker rubs i haven't let anyone else do that to me I want the last one to have been yours.

I miss drinking sweet tea out of old cheese whiz jars and eating plums well combining.

I miss watching you snooze on the chesterfield and laughing at your loud snoring.

I miss watching you fix the tracker or trucks.

My favourite memories with you are part of things I miss most about you but I have favourite memories that didn't happen lots

When you uncle Doug and I went for a drive in the semi. we stopped so I could youse the washroom, I got to get a candy I asked for a kit Kat. thats my first memory of me eating them I don't know If I had them before or not but you and I shared my favourite treat together I think I shared with uncle Doug too.

One day when I was 4 you decided I needed to learn how to ride my bike with 2 wheels you took off my training wheels. You held the seat and I started going faster then you could run and you let go. since then I have fallen off of the many bikes I have had.

Last but not least. when I was 5 or 6

You and I went for a walk when it was dark and we star gazed. I held your hand well I walked over the scary Texas gate I felt so safe with you. On one of your last good days you mom and I went for a walk in the dark one last time and star gazed we didn't make it to the Texas gate before you got tired but it was good to walk with you and hold your hand.

It's been six years since you left me and are family, it's still the hardest day every year. When I graduated I wished you could be there but I knew you were and that you are so proud of me you have always been proud of me.

You never get over when some one you love dies you just learn to live with out them. Your were the best grandpa a girl could ever ask for I wouldn't miss you so much if I could visit heaven but I can't so I write this I don't know why I write this to make me feel better or so that you know how much he means to me.


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