Poems of loved ones

My grandpa did everything for me and this is my tribute to the best man I will ever know. My grandma died today so I added this little letter to her


2. grandma

Dear grandpa Lloyd

Help my grandma Marg up there she will be wearing a red hat. she has passed away with cancer and I loved her. I didn't know I loved her so much till know. She was a second mom to my mom, please help her adjust to her new life. I will miss her as much as I miss you. Death is inevitable you can't avoid it, it will always happen. I will see her again and I will see you again, but for know I morn her like I mourned you. I love you and thank you because I know you will help her.

Dear grandma marg

Look for my grandpa up there he is looking for you because I have asked him too. He's short loving and strong like you but has hand that you can always trust. As you know he passed from cancer as well. I never told you this but I loved you so much. Give butter a big hug for me he will be happy to have you with him again. Rest peacefully grandma I will see you again some day.

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