Poems of loved ones

My grandpa did everything for me and this is my tribute to the best man I will ever know. My grandma died today so I added this little letter to her


3. good bye grandma

As I sit here at the tea party in remembrance of you I think about are short 3 years together.

I think about your cooking that I will miss. I think about you're heart and how much you loved shae and I even tho we weren't you're flesh and blood. I think about how blessed I am that you had Doug cause with out him I wouldn't have been loved as much as I am. I think about all the memories we have. Like when we were at your anaversry bbq at the end we took family photos Taylor was taking photos and had to put his water Bottle down but instead he put it in-between his lags and you couldn't stop laughing at that you laughed so hard you were almost blue. I think about Christmas the first time mom shae and I celebrated it with the Nicole clan after dinner we plaid some sort of card game and you keeped lossing all your poker chips but every one keeped bailing you out, but of corse we made fun of you and you were sassing every one who tried. I think of when I first meet you you were at some thing or other at the same restaurant mom Doug and I were at, doggie saw you coming and said oh look it's the old buzzard and you Waped his lag with your Kain.

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