Whispers Of The Silence

Anemona's life was all but the happy, content and exhilarating one you expected of an 18 year old girl. after watching her parents get brutally murdered in a dark alley way of San Francisco at age 6, Anemona spent her life in the contained walls of an orphanage. After losing her only friend to freedom. life started to seem pointless. her world started to crumble so fast she didn't have time to pick up the pieces. If only she knew that her world wasn't the only world.

Emmerson was spoiled, cocky prince who had worked hard to be the best, which wasn't that hard when everything was handed to him on a silver platter. Living in a world energy was drawn from powers of nature and technology seemed almost non-existent, Emmerson's life was perfect, until a force so deadly you couldn't hear them right in front of you, forces him on a mission he wants no part in.

Together they will save world doomed to fall, if only they could stop hating each other.


2. Chapter Two

Terror rippled through my body as I stood shaking behind the dumpsters that was the only thing blocking me from the monsters that had followed us. We were walking back to the small apartment that we had rented out for the last year, it wasn’t anything spectacular but it was the only kind of home I had. My dad came home exhausted as usual and I never understood why until one night I over heard my mom speaking to him “ Steve you need to quit working for that horrid man, you may be stronger then most people but what he is making you do isn’t humane”, she begged him over and over again that night and many nights after that.


I never talked to them about, I knew was too young to make any kind of difference. At age 6 the extent of my conversations were meant to be about toys and getting attention from people, not worrying about the state of my dad.


This afternoon he had come home and told my mother that he had finally quit and although my mother was overall happy I could see the fear in my fathers and I couldn’t shake the despair I saw on his face. My mother insisted on celebrating so we walked down the road our apartment was on and into our favorite burger restaurant. It was nice but I could see my father wasn’t into it, my mother rambled on and on about how much better our life would be while he just sat there staring out the window.


When we finally left I could feel people staring at us and I’m sure my dad felt it to, every second he was looking over his shoulders and when my mother finally noticed it, it was too late. Men in baggy black suits covered their mouths, my dad tried fighting back but they just threw him across the pavement, his head hit the ground with a loud thud and started screaming. My mother was trying in a desperate attempt to break free but the men were too strong. Through all the kicking and screaming I could make out her saying “run Annie!” but I just stood there shaking behind the dumpsters not knowing what to do.


I couldn’t make my legs move, I couldn’t even speak. I just there watching them throw punches at my fathers whose face was beaten up, barely an untouched piece of skin left on his body.


“ We’ll have fun with this one” one of the larger men started saying to his men as they ripped of my mothers clothing, leaving her helplessly cowering in the corner.


I watched them rape her and heard her blood curdling screams as one by one they each had their go with her, my fathers attempts at trying to stop them got weaker and weaker but in one last try he caught the larger of guard as he was giving them instructions to hurry up. He threw a punch at his side and tackled him to the ground.


The man punched him over the nose and I could her it break, screaming out my father held his hand over it, blood dripping from it. The man got up I saw the glint in his eyes, he was not the kind people I had grew up with he was the monsters I had only heard about in books. I watched it as if it were in slow motion. The man picked my father and threw him into the brick wall that surrounded the alley we were now in. I heard the crack resonating through the ground as his body feel limp to the ground. His eyes no longer had life in them like I used to see, there wasn’t even fear left, there was nothing. I sobbed in the corner behind the bins, trembling with fear as I saw his shadow near me.


I couldn’t let him take me, I couldn’t…



I woke with start, trembling and sweating, tears running down my face as I clutched my arms around myself.


I couldn’t’ stopped stop the nightmares of my parents death I had every night, it tormented me ever since that day. It was part of the reason I could never move on, never live a happy life, how could you when you were constantly reminded of your failure to protect the ones you loved. I guess in the end it proved too much to bear and I finally took my life and the pain that followed it.


Wait…I took my life, I took my life I should be dead. I shouldn’t be sitting here trembling from a nightmare when I had stepped off that bridge, I remember it clearly. I remember floating in the water as I died!


I didn’t believe in life after death, if I had I wouldn’t have taken my life, there would’ve been no point if I had to keep enduring the pain. Surely I was right, I can’t have been wrong I refuse to believe I have to keep going through this.


As my head swirled with reasons for why I was still alive I looked around the room. It was small yet spacious. The walls were made out of logs so it must have been some kind of cottage; there was a rocking chair with a knitted blanket lying in the corner. Next to me there was a bedside table that was made out of what looked like the same wood as the walls and roof. I was lying on a some-what uncomfortable bed but who was I complaining I’ve had much worse, the quilt also seemed like it had been hand-made by someone.


With a startled thought I realized that if I was in a house then someone must have put me here, looking down I saw that I was just lying with my underwear, this worried me a lot. I didn’t want people touching me not after I had seen my mother get rapped; it scared the shit out of me.


What if I had been kidnapped, oh shit this was not good I was lying in some stranger’s bed in my underwear. I frantically looked for a way out my thoughts of afterlife quickly forgotten. I as saw that there were no windows and the only way out was the single door that leads into here, I started to panic. This maniac had thought of everything.


“Get a grip,” I whispered harshly to myself, I had raised myself better than to get scared but something I wasn’t even sure about. I got up and wrapped the knitted blanket from the rocking chair around me and slowly crept across my bedroom to the door. The door opened with slight a noise that made me stiffen up like a board. When I was sure no one heard I opened it more, until I could squeeze through. Analyzing the hallway there was no one there nor could I here anything, maybe I was alone.


I continued down the hallway hoping I was going in the direction of a way out. When I started to hear voices. “dammit” I mumbled under my breath. I guess I was fighting my way out.


As I came to the end of the hallway I could her their voices clearly, they were both males “why should she get the throne, my family is the one that has been here fighting while she’s been of on some vacation to the other world” a deep voice shouted, with a voice like that I wasn’t sure how I thought the house was empty.


“You know our orders we were to bring her back, after a year they will decide if she’s fit for the throne, she is the heir, you know what that means” the other voice spoke, I decided that if I was going like any of them based on their voices it would be him, it wasn’t as harsh as the other. “ Yeah, yeah she has the freaking power, well she’s going to need it because if she doesn’t have I’m going to send her all the way back that stupid bridge!” he mocked to the other guy.


The bridge, he said a bridge I was on a bridge, I had jumped off it before I woke up here. They were talking about me!


“No stupid they were talking about some heir to the throne, does it look like your heir to throne” I mumbled yet again to myself, I really had to stop doing that. These people were crazy talking about thrones and other worlds; they’ve probably been taking drugs.


Realizing I couldn’t get out this way intended to find another way before I used this as my last resort. Turning around I stepped on the blanket and slipped back, I fall hard on my butt, the blanket polling around the floor. Looking up I realized to my dismay I had landed right in the middle of the doorway. The two guys staring at me as I lay on the floor in my underwear.


“Hi” I whispered to no one in particular.


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