Whispers Of The Silence

Anemona's life was all but the happy, content and exhilarating one you expected of an 18 year old girl. after watching her parents get brutally murdered in a dark alley way of San Francisco at age 6, Anemona spent her life in the contained walls of an orphanage. After losing her only friend to freedom. life started to seem pointless. her world started to crumble so fast she didn't have time to pick up the pieces. If only she knew that her world wasn't the only world.

Emmerson was spoiled, cocky prince who had worked hard to be the best, which wasn't that hard when everything was handed to him on a silver platter. Living in a world energy was drawn from powers of nature and technology seemed almost non-existent, Emmerson's life was perfect, until a force so deadly you couldn't hear them right in front of you, forces him on a mission he wants no part in.

Together they will save world doomed to fall, if only they could stop hating each other.


3. Chapter Three

Emmerson’s P.O.V


Seriously! I thought to myself, I had to come all the way out into the freaking other world for some girl who is, I quote “ the last of her line, it is your duty” I mocked the kings adviser, using quotation marks with my fingers. This is completely stupid, I could’ve ruled! I had worked my butt off and they just threw it away for some girl who knew jack shit about us!


I was so angry pacing around the small cottage we had found at the edge of the world’s boarders, which Thank God was close to San Francisco or I probably would’ve thrown her unconscious body through the Indolis Regiae myself.


Of course I knew that wouldn’t work, the subject had to be willing and confident to go through the ancient tree, something she couldn’t do if she was unconscious and I would certainly be punished if I let their prized possession get hurt.


“Calm down!” Dylan told for the 10th time today, to hell I would calm down, we had been waiting in this forsaken house for two days for her rise from the dead, or the unconscious…whatever.


“ They expect her to rule an entire world and she couldn’t even stay on a freaking bridge” voicing my anger yet again to Dylan who just sat there! All calm like our whole kingdom wasn’t at stake right now.


“ I come to find her and I see her falling of a bridge! A bridge that shit was like 20 meters wide. Then as if to make matters worse she couldn’t even swim!! Who doesn’t know how to swim, she won’t last one day in our world” that last little piece of information making me both happy and sad.


I knew how dangerous the trip back would be, most of the land we would have to cross, was no longer under our command. The war had us using all of our resources and still many civilizations had turned on us seeking the rewards the silent ones offered. They were all lies but they were like sirens luring the sailors to their death. However it was more luring our trusted communities into slavery.


I guess they weren’t so trusted anymore, which is why I don’t understand why they are sending Dylan and I into the other world, instead of fighting them.


“EMMERSON!!” Dylan screamed in my ear. “ WHAT THE HELL” I screamed back in annoyance, I was standing literally right next to him there was no need to shout “ Dylan why the hell are u screaming at I have no idea what I did this time but I wear it was not intentional” I said slightly scared of him.

I was the prince and all but Dylan could still rival me in a match and more often then not I was doing something to piss him off. I loved him like a brother but he could be scary at times.


Fingers suddenly snapped in front of my face, way too close for comfort and I jumped back with a start. “ I’ve been trying to get your attention for ages, you just zoned out into your own little world of Prince Emmerson, you’ve been pacing so much I swear I can see a hole forming in the floors” he said with much frustration.


I looked down, of course there wasn’t a hole there but I had realized I zoned out.” Go hunt or something for a while let out some of that anger you seem intent on bottling up” with a sigh I followed his advice, picking up my bow and arrows which I slung around my back. And went in hunt for my sword.


Too which I found sitting by the door along with my knives, pulling a jacket on I said a quick goodbye and left Dylan to handle our precious cargo.

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