Over The Years

When Kaelie crosses paths with Zayn Malik and meets his roomates, her life takes a turn. Over the years, they all become close friends, but will that all be forgotten when the boys persue their dream?


3. Chapter 3

Kaelie's POV


"No hard feelings, right?" I say as I peck Louis on the lips.

The boys all snicker and make hearts with their hands. Louis? Well, he was as red as a tomato.

"Let's watch a movie, yeah?" I say, rubbing circles on Louis' back to comfort him. I wasn't going to lie, he was looked absolutely adorable when he's embarrassed.

"How about G.B.F?" Harry suggests, getting a nod from everyone except Zayn.

"Zayn, whats wrong? I thought you were gay?" I bluntly yell. I try to keep a straight face, but that only lasted for a second. I burst out laughing, and so did the other boys.

"Hey! Mean!" Zayn whines while laughing.

Everyone stopped laughing around two minutes ago, but I was still going strong.

"Is she okay?" Niall murmurs, making me laugh even harder.

"I-Imagine if Z-Zayn and H-Harry were gay for each other-r-r-r!!" I cry, tears streaming down my face. 

"Zarry!" Louis shrieks, making me nearly pee my pants.

"Oh shit, oh fuck, okay okay. I'm good, I'm good!" I say, wiping my tears.

The boys are all smiling at me and shaking their heads.

"You're a weird one." Liam remarks, making me nudge him with my elbow.

"But you love me. HOLLA!" I yelp, grabbing a cup and sassily leaving the room.

"Where are you going with that cup?" Louis calls, making me giggle.

"It was my dramatic exit- did I forget to say that you need to imagine this cup as a Prada purse?" I reply in a 'bitchy' tone, but it was obviously a fake tone.

"You're a weirdo." Zayn scoffs, dragging me to the couch.

"Hey! Mean!" I mock, flipping my hair in Zayn's face.

"Yeah, but you probably like it like that." Zayn cooly replies.

I get up and go to the kitchen. I grab some soda and chug the whole thing down.

"Got a surprise for you..." I seductively say to Zayn, kissing him on the cheek.

He smirks as I go up in front of him. I get on my knees, in front of his face though, and burp. 

"OH MY FUCKING GOD! SHES AMAZING! SHES A KEEPER!" Niall yells at the top of his lungs, clapping for me.

I take a dainty bow and sit down.

"I think I speak for us all when I say this. You are now apart of our group!" Louis says, getting a chorus of agreement.

I blush a deep shade of red.

I look at the clock, 9:01 PM. 

"This has been fun, but it's getting late." I sadly say, biting my lip.

"You're right. Let's drive by your place and pick up some clothes so you have stuff to change into." Harry says. I arch my brow in suspicion. "You can't just have this much fun with us and not spend the night!" Harry then says.

I nod, "Yes, I will, but my best friend is staying over too, since we live together. Her names Erica, and she's amazing."

We leave Zayn's place, grabbing stuff from my house. Harry was driving. The whole time Zayn was on his phone, typing at the speed of light. 

"Wha'cha doing'" I ask Zayn.

"I'm writing about you, for class tomorrow." He explains.

I snatch the phone from his hands and read what he wrote.

Kaelie is sarcastic, funny, and mysterious. She may seem intimidating, but once you get to know her, she's one of those people you know you can't ever let go of. On the outside she is fierce and bold, but although she is still bold, on the inside she's a sweetheart. She's scared of the dark and clowns. Kaelie is a social butterfly and gets along with everyone she meets. She loves cats, pizza, and her best friend Erica, who she lives with. Oh, did I forget to say she's single? She's the full best friend package. *attached picture of me laughing and another picture of me being goofy with the boys*

I look up at a nervous-looking Zayn, "You're the best, Zayn."

"Woah , wait let me see what he wrote!" Erica squeals. She also got along with the boys well, and Harry very obviously fancies her. 

"Oh my god, he captured you perfectly!" She mouths to me. I nod really fast at her. 

Soon, Zayn's phone is being passed around and everyone reads it. We arrive at Zayn's house, and we all pile out. 

"Why is your house so big?" I ask Zayn.

"Me and all the boys share it." He replies.

Zayn, Louis, Liam, Niall and I go to Zayns room (the biggest bedroom) to do our homework and hang out. Harry and Erica, well they are 'doing their homework in Harry's room' but we can all hear them making out.

It was around 11PM when we all fell asleep on the floor of Zayn's bedroom. I ran over to Louis and shook him lightly.

"Uhhhhhhg, what." He asked in annoyance. 

"These retards think we have school tomorrow. It's Friday. We can stay up! Let's prank them!" I low key squeal.

"Damn, you are good!" He says, highfiving me.

We scamper downstairs and grab a feather, whipped cream, and warm water. We then went back upstairs. Louis stuck Zayn's hand in warm water, which immediately made him pee. 

"Oh fuck, get a picture!!" He silently cried out, slapping his knee. I snapped a picture using flash, and of course he didn't wake up.

We then put whipped cream on Liam's hand and tickled his face. He smacked himself in the face with the whipped cream yet still stayed asleep. Weird, I know!

"Wanna go out?" Louis asks.

"What?" I say, confused.

"Let's go out. Not like dating, but let's go out. McDonalds is still open." He explains.

I nod, and we sneak out of the house. 

"It's official that we are best friends." I giggle.

I took a picture of Louis and I with our McDonalds and posted it on SnapChat with the caption, "12AM McDonalds run with my new best friend<3!" 

"So many rumors are gonna start because of this, it's sort of couple-like." Louis giggles, his eyes crinkling. Cute.

"We are a couple of best friends, aren't we?" I smirk.

"Well played...." He trails off, looking outside.

I looked at what he was looking at, but it was nothing.

"What are you doing...." I ask, worried.

"Thinking." He bluntly replies.

"About what?" I press.

"...Who closes the door when the bus driver gets off?" He asks, looking me in the eye. My heart melted when I met his crystal blue gaze.

"Don't hate me.." I whisper.

"Why would I, for what?" He asks, eery of what I may do.

"For this." I say as I kiss him. It lasted for around 30 seconds until I pulled apart, blushing because I felt him kiss back.

"Why did you kiss me?" He asked, running his hands through his hair- a nervous habit he has.

"The moment was so perfect! And because the 'kiss' I gave you for truth or dare was weak as fuuuuck." I explain.

We left McDonalds at around 1AM, even though we finished our food at 12:20AM. When we got back to Zayn's place, we passed out on the couch. That night is when I figured out, Louis is not only my best friend, but he may be my new crush.


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