Over The Years

When Kaelie crosses paths with Zayn Malik and meets his roomates, her life takes a turn. Over the years, they all become close friends, but will that all be forgotten when the boys persue their dream?


2. Chapter 2

Kaelies POV



It was 10 minutes after school already, and Zayn is no where to be found. "Unbelievable." I scoff. I grab my bag and start to walk to my home. Suddenly I hear a loud car engine behind me, but knowing it was Zayn I immediately blow it off. "Kaelie, c'mon!" Zayn whined, noticed me ignoring him. "Okay guys, grab her!" "Wait what the fuck are you on about Za-" I scream as four pairs of hands tug me into Zayns truck. "Bruh!" I whine. I look at them, their attractive faces covered in admiration and eagerness. "Well, hi guys." I greet, saluting them by putting two fingers together and putting them on my forehead, and pulling my hand outward. "You know us? Right?" Niall asks. "Hmm- are you the Backstreet Boys!" I gasp, putting my hands on the sides of my face. "I like her!" Louis says. "Of course I know you guys. I don't really know Louis though" I explain. "WHAT?!" He yells, making Zayn slam on the breaks. "I always talk to everyone," he puts his hands on the sides of my face,"WE WILL BE BESTIES FROM HERE ON!!" He screams. I laugh for a solid three minutes before nodding and high-fiving Louis. He gave me all his social media to ensure our best friendship- loyalty! We arrived at the house, and as I tried to get out Louis carried me in. "Yay! You're the best!" I yell, kissing his cheek. For the next hour, all six of us ate and talked. "Hey, let's play truth or dare." Harry and Niall said in unison. "Jinx! Jinx Again! Nice Twist! Twist on what?" They said together again. "Shut up, let's playyyyy!" Louis said, grabbing my hand. Liam dared me to jump into the pool, and I eagerly accepted. I ran outside and jumped in- but I pulled in Louis by accident! I resurfaced and Louis was screaming,"ITS SO COLD!!" I laugh and grab Zayn and pull him in. Zayn grabs Liam, Liam grabs Niall, and Niall grabs Harry. All at once they fall into the pool. I realized shirt was white, and so did the boys because they were staring. "Really? UHG come on." I growl, submerging myself. As I was underwater, I couldn't help but eavesdrop on the boys' conversation. "I really fancy her, I know its only been a few hours but she's amazing!" Louis confesses, making my heart flutter. I mentally giggle, since I have the same feeling. I jump to the surface since my air supply got low, and inhaled deeply. Before I knew it, all the air was knocked out of me, and I collided with the surface of the water, leaving a stinging sensation throughout my backside. I suddenly realized- Zayn hit me! "Kaelie are you okay?!" Zayn shrieked, worry and terror stretching through his voice. I tried to reply, but it hurt too much. "You all know what happened, so you cannot blame me." Zayn growled at the boys. "Oh shut the fuck up Zayn, shes hurt and all you are worrying about if your reputation? Nice." Harry pipes up. I feel strong arms pick me up and bring my inside, and I look to see it was Louis. "Lou can we just stay in hereee?" I slurred some words by accident, but I think he got the message. "Sure, lets just make sure you aren't too badly hurt, I would hate to see that." He replied, giving me an ice pack. After examining all the senses and memory, and finding out i was alright, the boys came back inside and we all continued playing truth or dare. Harry was dared to rap a whole song loudly at a gas station, Liam was dared to streak in the neighborhood, and Niall was dared to sing Cinderella by The Cheetah Girls to a worker at Target. It truly was all fun and games; that was until Harry piped up. "Louis, truth or dare?" He questioned, mischief clear on his face. "Dare." Louis firmly spoke. "I dare you to kiss Kaelie." What!?

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