Over The Years

When Kaelie crosses paths with Zayn Malik and meets his roomates, her life takes a turn. Over the years, they all become close friends, but will that all be forgotten when the boys persue their dream?


1. Chapter 1

Kaelies POV



"Where did the summer go?" I whined obnoxiously as I dragged my body down the buzzing halls of St. Charles High School. "You tell me!" Erica scoffed, rolling her chocolate eyes. I giggled, but shortly stopped at the sound of a very loud car engine. "Yuck, only douchebags drive cars that loud!" I groaned. All the boys at this school are major jerks that are gross or attractive, and if they aren't like that they're a geek. "Hey, but he's a piece of man candy- MEOW!" Erica said, doing a cat-like gesture. The school doors fly open, and in walks in Zayn Malik. The lighting perfectly hit his angelic features, and I could practically hear the girls' sexual thoughts on him. "Ya, ya, so what? Zayn is nothing." I laughed, but was cut off when Zayn was right in front of me. "Hey Kaelie" he smoothly said, a smirk forming on his lips. I sarcastically smiled at him, batting my lashes, "Hi-UH- who are you?" I smugly spoke. I walked off, flipping my hair and swaying my hips for a dramatic effect. "Who is that girl? Doesn't she know who was talking to her?" Questions like that arose around me, making my poker face turn into a smug grin. I walk into my class early, and sit down. Class started a few minutes later, and everyone took their seats. Mr.Kurnahm started to talk about his boring summer when the door flung open; in walks Zayn. I roll my eyes at his presence, obviously unimpressed. "Late Mr.Malik! Since you failed to be on time, I have to assign you a seat. How about next to- Ah yes- Kaelie!" My attention shifted toward the front of the class, shock coarsing through my veins. Zayn and I locked eyes, and I groan. He strolls over, and plops down next to me. "UHM... who are you?" he says in a mocking tone. I chuckle, and lightly smack him on the arm. "Alright class, now for the rest of the period, you have to get to know each other! On Monday you will give me a paragraph on the person." Mr.Kurnahm instructed. "I was born June 17th, I like pizza and I'm single." I plainly stated. Zayn was looking at me, nodding. "Tell me more Mrs.Mysterious!" I laughed and continued, "I love cats, my best friend is Erica, my favorite color is navy blue, and clowns are scary." I rambled. "Tell me about you Mr.I-Think-Im-A-God-But-Im-A-Basic-Bitch." I fired. "Why tell you here when I can tell you after school?" He smoothly retorted. I nod, laughing at how cheesey he is. "Meet me at the flag pole, Kae." "Wow, nicknames already? This must be serious!" I sarcastically gasp. "You know it!" He yelps.



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