Harry's Girl

Erica is just an average teenage girl living her life. She's starting her 3rd year of a high school in a completely new school when she meets Harry Styles. She instantly falls in love with him. Everyone wants to be Harry's Girl.. but she is.. for now. Will their romance make it through the growing fame of One Direction? Or will she lose her title as "Harry's Girl"? Will she overcome her demons or lose harry in the process?


11. The Tour

-two weeks later-

*Erica POV*


Over the past few weeks, the paparazzi blew up with gossip about Harry and I once we "broke up". headlines ranged from: What happened to Harry's girl? and fake break up: The medias favorite couple takes a break.

Other people weren't so easily fooled. They questioned why he and I were still always together in public. They couldn't believe for a second about our instant break up. There were frequent rumors about "another girl" in his life, Which scared me. the thought of him with someone else made my mind ache. Finally, Harry came out to the media and apologized. No, Harry and I did not break up, but we still needed our privacy. And most of all, as a couple we deserved respect from the fans. Everyone seemed to understand where we were coming from, but I guess that's why they say, "Not everything is what it seems."


One direction also announced their new album, and soon to begin tour last week. It was a hit.

They released a single that became #1 in a lot of countries. The fans, crazier than ever. The paparazzi, snooping even harder. All the sudden the understanding people of the world went crazy too. The tour starts in a month. I'm scared- scared for my relationship with Harry. Scared of what it will be like without him for so long.


My heart is racing and I'm sweating in bed. I keep tossing and turning. I feel numb when I think about him leaving.

"Baaabeee, go to sleep," Harry moans into my ear. He can feel me tossing and turning.

I roll over, we're face to face. "Why don't you?" I get defensive towards him, wondering why he's awake at 3 AM, but then I begin to wonder why I am awake still too. I've got no reason to be overthinking at 3 AM, when I should be asleep.

"I can't sleep. Ive been awake all night watching you. You're restless. I don't like it." He intertwines his fingers with mine. "Please tell me what's on your mind?" He pleads with a puppy dog pout, and I can't resist him when he does that.


I lie and tell him it's nothing, so he decides to change the subject. "I've got a mighty exciting surprise for you." He grins and kisses me on the cheek, "You know how the boys and I are going on tour soon?" I nod and stare into his gorgeous emerald eyes. They're so full of life and mesmerizing, even at 3 AM. "Guess who else is coming with us?" He pauses and waits for me to guess, but I'm brain dead at this hour. I figure it's probably some huge celebrity, not me. He laughs and starts stroking my hair,

"You, silly!" I swear I could feel my heart exploding. Me? Touring around the world? With my long term boyfriend? And the rest of his friends? No way!!! I place my hands on both sides of his face and start kissing him like crazy.

"Harry! This is so magical. Thank you so much, I never expected this."

I can feel his smile while we kiss, and he places his arms around my neck.

"That is only one of a few surprises I have for you, sweetheart!" He smirks, and I truly do love his smirk. It's so mysterious and arousing. Harry knows surprises make me anxious, yet he continues to surprise me and always keep our relationship interesting.


*Harry's POV*


Even at 3 AM, she's the light of my life. I adore the way her eyes sparkle in the moonlight shining through our blinds. She really doesn't know how beautiful she is. But, really, I can't believe she thought I would leave her when I go on tour. Tour.. This is gonna be crazy. I can't believe I have come so far in these past few months. Even more so I can't believe she's stayed by my side through it all.

My mind is a mess right now. It's because of her. She's my drug, and I'm badly addicted.


Out of nowhere, a window shatters across the hallway from us. Glass shards are propelled into our room. I jump up. I don't know what this is, but I need to protect Erica.


*Erica's POV*


I hear glass breaking from inside the condo. The boys left the place to Harry and I tonight, so we could have some alone time. Could it be one of them? No.. Not at 3 in the morning.

I see Harry dash to the door and lock it, glancing over at me with a determined look on his face. He starts stacking all the furniture in front of the door.


I don't know what's about to happen. But I'm terrified.

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