Harry's Girl

Erica is just an average teenage girl living her life. She's starting her 3rd year of a high school in a completely new school when she meets Harry Styles. She instantly falls in love with him. Everyone wants to be Harry's Girl.. but she is.. for now. Will their romance make it through the growing fame of One Direction? Or will she lose her title as "Harry's Girl"? Will she overcome her demons or lose harry in the process?


6. The News

It's been two months since I met Erica. And these past two months have been nothing short of amazing. I love her a lot. But I am going to have to spring some news on her that's neither of us expected. The boys and I are going to audition on X factor. I hope she will be okay with this. The news may surprise her, but I hope she will be happy for us. Going on X factor doesn't mean I ditch or her anything, it just means I pursue my dreams more. I know she will support me; I just don't know how to tell her.

I'm sitting in my room, and she walks in. She's wearing my flannel and boxers. She looks so hot. We have not had sex yet, but I do know that when we do it will be perfect. I crave her so much every day. That's the downside of going on X factor. It means not seeing her every day. And I don't know if I could handle that. "Baby, we've got to talk," I tell her, pulling her onto my lap. She looks worried, but I kiss her on the cheek and reassure her that nothing bad is coming her way. She looks into my eyes full of curiosity, and I grab her hand. "The boys and I.... Were going to audition on X factor." She jumps up in excitement and begins squealing.

*Erica POV*

As he breaks the news I begin to squeal! I'm so proud of him, but the happiness is fake. I know that him going X Factor means him getting famous. If he gets famous, he will leave me for a Beverly Hills babe. He pulls me into his arms and kisses me.

"I'm so glad you're happy too, baby doll," he says cupping my face in his hands, "I promise, going on X factor won't change anything between us." My eyes start to tear up, but I keep smiling. I know this is best for him, but I know it means me hurting too. But, for all the times he has put my happiness before his. It's the least I can do. He uses his thumb to wipe my tears as they begin to fall. "No no no! You're crying, Erica." I didn't notice I was at first. But he sees right through my happiness facade. "I... I'm sorry Harry," I whisper, "I just can't bear the thought of losing you." I hold him tight.

"You're not losing me." He states without a doubt in his mind. He leans in for a kiss when the boys burst in.

"Oh... Sorry... Are we ruining a moment?" Niall questions lingering in the door frame.

"No, not at all, come on in!" Harry gestures, still holding me close and tight. Harry and I are an official couple, but he still gets really protective over me. He even gets protective of me to his friends. Niall hops into the room and starts discussing with Harry some song choices for their audition. The audition is about a month from now, so they don't have much time to get this all together. But we all know they can do it. For me though, that means making the most of this last month with Harry before he leaves.

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