Harry's Girl

Erica is just an average teenage girl living her life. She's starting her 3rd year of a high school in a completely new school when she meets Harry Styles. She instantly falls in love with him. Everyone wants to be Harry's Girl.. but she is.. for now. Will their romance make it through the growing fame of One Direction? Or will she lose her title as "Harry's Girl"? Will she overcome her demons or lose harry in the process?


21. Not Your Boy

*Ericas POV*

I'm in what seems to be a make shift studio. It feels like the inside of a trashcan. A man with British accent with a hint of Indian starts talking, "Hello Erica. I see you have met my goons. I have taken notice that you are the girlfriend of Harry Styles of One Direction. Or something of the sorts. That has peaked my interest, you see, because I want connections to Zayn Malik."

I snicker to myself looking at this fat sausage that smelt like burnt tofu in front of me. "Well have fun with that considering that--*looks him up and down* .. You look like a greased up allergenic burrito." He punches the back of my head. I wince in pain and stammer, "Are you surprised it doesn't feel like a jelly donut? Unlike your fat head. Who are you anyway?"

"I am shahid, but my stage name is Naughty Boy." I laugh aloud at his pathetic stage name, this guy has to be at least 30 yet he's calling himself a boy... Yikes. "I am going to give you one chance to make things right. You called Luke expecting him to save the day. You failed but I will let you try again. Call Zayn. Tell him what's going."

"Tell him that some 30 year old virgin going through midlife crisis wants him? I don't think so. That's pretty creepy bro you a need a new hobby.."

"Look. You call him. He come for you. Tell him come alone. I let you go and take him instead. Fair trade?" Naughty boy informs me, giving me no choice but to agree, "if the operation doesn't go as planned: you die. The end. No more Erica Dayton."

"Okay. Give me your crappy Nokia" I hiss at him; he hands me the piece of 2001 junk and I type in Harry's number instead of Zayn's.

*Harrys POV*

My phone starts blaring an annoying ringtone I have set for unknown callers. I answer the call:

I hear some weird wanna be hip hop tracks blasting in the back of the call.

Stranger: hi ZAYN!

It hits me like a ton of bricks. That's no stranger. That's Erica. I would know that voice from anywhere. I get butterflies again but I shake them off. Something's clearly up.

Harry: umm you've got the wrong band member sweetheart.

Erica: no I don't! This is Zayn, right! Harry go along with it I need your help

(The last words were a mumble but I got the clue)

Harry: ahh yes it IS Zayn. What can i do for you?

Erica: *mumbles* harry I need you to come rescue me. Some weird Indian sausage who calls himself Naughty Boy has me hostage in his makeshift Soundcloud shack wanna be studio.

Harry: okay where are you!!

Erica: track this number. Bring the boys but hide in the back of the van out of sight. Zayn has to be driving this detail is very important. He needs to look like he's alone or else i

I'll be killed.

Harry: killed!? (I practically scream it) I'll be there as soon as I can.

*Ericas POV*

I hang up the call and Shahid turns down his "tunes". "Is everything good to go?" He asks, his greasy skin shining in his new found glory.

"Yup. They should be here in a few."

"THEY!? Who are THEY?" He shoots me an evil stare.

"I mean.. Zayn. It's a force of habit to say they.. Since I'm used to being with the group altogether.." I fake an excuse

"Ohhh.. Whatever girl. I don't care. I just need Zayn."

It feels like hours before I hear a knock on the rusty makeshift shack. I can tell just from the knock it's Zayn. A few men dressed in all black with ski masks on and guns in their hands run to the door.

"Let me answer it!! It will be more convincing to them.." Naughty boy agrees and calls off the guards.

I tensely approach the door and open it only wide enough for me to see Zayn. I close the door and look at Shahid, "he needs me to come outside real quick, it will be less than a minute I swear."

He points at his watch and mouths, "Sixty seconds."

I scoot out the door and I feel like a ticking time bomb. I grab Zayn by the jacket and sprint with him into the van.

"STEP ON THE FUCKING PEDAL" I screech, slamming the car door as Louis shoves his foot full force on the gas pedal. The van goes flying out of the alley at ninety miles an hour. Bullets start bouncing off the car; i look through the back windshield to see Naughty Boy shaking his fist into the sky yelling "I will get you Zayn Malik"

All the boys are perplexed at this random statement, but I can tell this greasy chicken leg of a man is dead serious.

*Nialls POV*

"it's 12 am, what are we doing at IHOP and what exactly was that all about?" I inquire staring into Erica's eyes.

She looks down and makes a subtle grunt. I can see Harry admiring her from afar but she can't tell. I give him a mad glance but I try not to let it affect me. I start a new question when Erica finally speaks up.

"This man... He's crazy..." We all look at Erica deeply concerned. She nervously bites her lip before she looks up, directly into my eyes. "He gave me.. One.. Well technically two calls.. And I messed up. I called Luke and ..." I can practically see the lump in her throat while she chokes back her tears. "He.. He was so drunk he and hissed at me that I should have called Harry and hung up." The tears start pouring from her eyes... "But this Naughty Boy fellow gave me a chance to call someone else but this time he got to choose who I call or so he thought. I was suppose to call Zayn but I called Harry instead. And the rest you can just figure out for yourself."

We are all extremely shocked at this story... Luke.. Naughty burrito... Zayn's new stalker?? What a tale to take in...

I see Liam patting her on the back, always being the fatherly one.

"I'm sorry, Er..." I speak, my voice soaked in sorrow. I look up from my hands to see Harry glaring at me, jealousy burning in his eyes. I shoot him a confused look, although I knew exactly what he was on about. We both had feelings for Erica, and seeing that it is her time of need, it's our time to shine. But the question is, who will win her over now? I move seats to sit right next to her and I give her as good of a hug as I can while sitting. "We're all here for you" I say kissing her on the forehead, I can feel the heat radiating from her cheeks. I run her hand with my thumb and give it a squeeze, classic technique for getting the females. I feel a swift kick in my ankle from none other than Harry's boots.

*Harrys POV*

After paying for the bill we all head towards the car. All the guys climbed into the truck to get their first seats of choice. But I have something else in mind. While they are getting settled I pull Erica to the side of the van. I softly place my hands on both of her rosy cheeks. The moonlight is shining down on us, making the moment even more intense. "I love you." I say it with so much meaning it feels like my heart is gonna explode. I kiss her passionately, not taking any second any for granted. I want nothing else than for her to be mine or only mine. This kiss is what I've been missing for long: true love. But why didn't she say it back...

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