Harry's Girl

Erica is just an average teenage girl living her life. She's starting her 3rd year of a high school in a completely new school when she meets Harry Styles. She instantly falls in love with him. Everyone wants to be Harry's Girl.. but she is.. for now. Will their romance make it through the growing fame of One Direction? Or will she lose her title as "Harry's Girl"? Will she overcome her demons or lose harry in the process?


5. Meeting My Parents

*Harry POV*

After school we roll up to my condo. The boys aren't here yet, so I invite her inside to talk for a bit. She seems anxious, but I don't know why. I put my hand on her thigh, and she gets goosebumps. She leans over to kiss me.

*Ericas POV*

His lips are just so tempting. I can't help but kiss him. I lean in for a kiss, and once again it turns into a steamy makeout. I know there's more to my relationship with him than this, but we just can't resist each other. I cut this session short and invite him to my house.

As the front door creaks open I yell into the house, "Is anyone home?" My mother and father hobble down the stairs and my mum bombards me with questions. How was school? Who's your friend? What's it like? "One question at a time! This is Harry, and I know this is sudden, but he's my boyfriend now. I don't except you to accept this right away, but you can't change it so please don't try to." I met my parents shocked stares. There was a moment of silence before anyone spoke. They don't yell at me, or lecture me. My dad smiles, and my mum begins to tear up. They embrace him in their arms and tell us they are happy for us.

Harry plants himself on my bed and finds himself sinking into my sheets. "Your room is so much like you. It smells good, it's accepting and comfortable, I love it!" He pulls me onto the bed and we talk about my parents.

"I.. I can't believe they accepted me so quickly." He exclaims to me smiling from ear to ear. I begin to frown and he notices, "They don't actually accept me, do they?"

I look him in the eyes, "It's not you they don't accept. It's me. I've been through a lot my teenage years." I confessed, "I hope this doesn't change anything between us.." He pulls me so close to his face we could practically kiss.

"Erica, nothing about your past could change how I feel about you. Everyone goes through tough times. You went through yours, and now I'm here to make sure you don't go through anything else bad like that again." He can see me tearing up and kisses me to stop my whimpering. He kisses me again and I crack a smile. "Please, don't keep anything from me." He makes me promise to open up to him. Everything. All my secrets.

*Harrys POV*

I want to know everything. From her favorite song to her favorite time of day. I want to know her ambitions and her secrets. I hope she wants to know me better too. "Please, don't keep anything from me." We pinky promised to tell each other everything that happens from here on out. After the promise, she pours out her life to me. How she had been in abusive relationships before. How her parents are ashamed of her because what she went through. How she's broken inside, but meeting me is fixing her. I never want to leave her. "Erica, I will never hurt you intentionally, and I want to give you the world, please understand that." She nods and kisses me.

We talk for about an hour more and then decide to take a nap. She's my favorite person, and I hope she is a part of my life forever.

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