Harry's Girl

Erica is just an average teenage girl living her life. She's starting her 3rd year of a high school in a completely new school when she meets Harry Styles. She instantly falls in love with him. Everyone wants to be Harry's Girl.. but she is.. for now. Will their romance make it through the growing fame of One Direction? Or will she lose her title as "Harry's Girl"? Will she overcome her demons or lose harry in the process?


15. Everyone Has Their Demons

*Harry's POV*

"Is that even a question, Erica?!" I spit back, "Not only do I love you,

I'm completely and totally in love with you."

This is not what I expected Erica finally waking up to be like. I'm hurt and stressed. We're leaving for the tour in less than 8 hours, and to be honest I don't have time for games right now. I grab her hand, "You've been asleep for over a month. We're leaving in less than 8 hours for the tour. I promised you that you were coming along; so, I'm signing you out of the hospital and we're gonna get this show on the road." She plasters on a fake smile, not buying my response from what I can tell. "I really love you, Erica. I can't say it enough."

*Erica's POV*

"No, he doesn't." A chilly voice echoes in my mind. I try to force it back and smile for Harry. But, something inside of me doesn't feel right. "I-I love you too." I choke out, but my words don't feel sincere. They feel sincere in my heart, but my demons keep telling me they're not.

I look over to my bedside and see a giant pile of letters written to me, "What are these?" I ask Harry with curiosity.

"I couldn't bare not talking to you while you were in a coma, so I wrote to you instead." He smiles shyly at the ground, making my heart flutter.

"Is this not love?" I question the demon in my mind.

"Nope." It stabs back, fully confident in it's response.

Although these interactions with this demon felt like minutes of conversation, they were merely seconds. Harry observes me the whole time, totally clueless of these interactions. Everyone is clueless. I'm the only one who could feel this demon around me. I'm the only one who can hear this. It's all in my mind, but I know it's real. I know because everyone has their demons.

*at Harry's condo- a few hours later*

*Harry's POV*

I glance over at Erica, seeing her biting her lip. I can practically see the war going on in her mind. I begin to pack her bags for her to speed up this whole process of getting ready. Erica sits down and puts her face in her hands. I hear her groan, I question her, asking what's wrong.

"It's nothing-- just a headache." She answers.

"Would you like some Advil? A glass of water, maybe?"

"No, thank you Harry. I'm fine." She lies back to me. I can tell she's lying; she's not fine.

*Ericas POV*

Harry approaches me; I see the disbelief in his eyes. "Why are you lying to me?" He croaks. I can see anger rising in his slightly red cheeks. I can see he's tired of my game, but I can't tell him what's going. "He wouldn't understand nor believe me." I thought I said it in my mind, but I said it out loud.

"What are you talking about it?!" Harry glares at me.

"I-I thought I said that in my mind.." I decree, not willing to answer him.

"Well you didn't. What's going on? What's this about? You know you can tell me anything..." I can see his eyes getting dark; he's hurt by my actions.

"It's got nothing to do with you!" I lie. Lies and lies, spewing out of my mouth. They roll off my tongue like it's nothing.

"Then why has everything you've said in this conversation been a complete lie." He's staring at me, arms crossed. Right as I'm about to answer he gets a call from the boys. They're downstairs waiting for us because it's time to leave. Harry grabs our bags, locking the door behind us. "We can discuss this later..." He mumbles.

On the tour bus the tension is thick between Harry and I. I can't even look at him without my heart shattering. I have to tell someone--Louis. I grab him by his coat, dragging him into the bathroom. As I close the door, I look out and see Harry's eyes widening.

"What are you doing?" Louis smirks at me.

"I've got to get something off my chest, and no it's not my boobs." I say the last part as Louis begins to snicker.

"Well? Are you gonna tell me or are you gonna stand there looking like a deer in headlights?" He's still laughing.

"This gonna sound a little far fetched," I confide in him, "But,

I'm going to need you to listen, and not tell anyone. Especially not Harry."

"Okay. Go for it."

I tell him everything- from falling off the ladder during the escape to the demonic labyrinth I was stuck in during my coma to the demon staying in my mind even after I awoke. His eyes are big, pupils enlarged. He's shocked, but doesn't run away knowing he can't because this is a serious matter.

"Well, what do you suppose we do?" He asks barely managing to form a sentence.

"I don't know.. That's why I'm talki--" Everything goes black.

*Louis POV*

As I'm talking to Erica, I notice her skin getting paler and paler. Suddenly, she falls to the ground. A massive bang is heard throughout the whole bus. "What's going on in there!!" I hear Harry yell as several fists begin to bang on the bathroom door.

"I swear if you're touching her, Louis, you're a dead man!" I can hear the hate in Harry's voice.

"Im not!" I yell to him, opening the door for everyone to see. They peer inside seeing Erica passed out in the ground.

"What the fuck, Louis!" Harry screams, his eyes are bloodshot.

"Don't fucking blame me!" I shriek, "I never laid a hand on her! We were talking to each other when she randomly fainted. You can not blame me for your problems!" I grit my teeth together.

Liam runs over to check Erica. He opens her mouth and sees it's really dry, "She's dehydrated!" He cries out as Harry scrambles to get water.

*Erica's POV*

Everything is hazy and black again. Except this time I can open my eyes, but my vision is fogged up. I see my body on the ground, "What the fuck?" I cry out, hearing my demons laughing all around on me.

Liam is checking on me. Louis and Harry are fighting. I can't hear what they're saying, but I can tell by their expressions that this isn't good.

"What is going on? What have you done?"

"It's not what we've done," The demons chime happily, "it's what you've done." I continue to observe the scene til I can't take it anymore.

"Wake me up now!!" I demand, my voice cracks as my eyes tear up.

They wake me up, but at the most inconvenient time. It's been 5 minutes at most. Niall is sitting on the couch covering his ears, crying because of the fighting. Zayn and Liam are huddled above me because they were trying to wake me up. Louis and Harry are still fighting. "Oh look! She's awakening!" Liam exclaims high-giving Zayn.

"Jeez, it looks like you've been to hell and back!" Zayn laughs, joking. Louis stops fighting to look at me because what Zayn said, but Harry slaps him across the face.

"Stop trying to steal my girl!" Harry growls, hopping up and running to a table. He's scribbling on a paper.

Louis after recovering from the blow, scrambles above me giving me a look knowing that he knows what happened. "She was just dehydrated." Liam's says. But, Louis and I both know that's not the case.

Yeah.. Sure I was .. I thought to myself.

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