Harry's Girl

Erica is just an average teenage girl living her life. She's starting her 3rd year of a high school in a completely new school when she meets Harry Styles. She instantly falls in love with him. Everyone wants to be Harry's Girl.. but she is.. for now. Will their romance make it through the growing fame of One Direction? Or will she lose her title as "Harry's Girl"? Will she overcome her demons or lose harry in the process?


20. Bad Call

*Harrys POV*


A... Boyfriend?? I feel faint, confused, dizzy. I grasp my chest and let out a heaving breath. "Leave." I choke out, pointing to the door. She holds a poker face, unmoved by my request, but I can see the hurt flashing in her eyes. We both casually exit the room.


Quickly, we're met by all the other guys from my group and 5SOS. We fake as if nothing happened and all the guys seem oblivious to the fact that we had left in the first place. I call the meet and greet to an early close. All the guys exchange numbers while depression begins to consume me. I stare at Luke, a hatred for him burns in me.


*4 months later: March.*


*Lukes POV*


The mansion we are at reeks of weed, alcohol, and bad sex. The boys convinced Erica and me to go to this "awesome house party" tonight and we were quickly persuaded to do so.


She's drunk off her ass but she still looks so angelic and cute. She grabs at my hand to drag me around and show off me off to everyone we see. I can see her admiration and pride to have me as a boyfriend. We're striding down the hallway when she pulls me into a vacant bedroom. She falls onto the bed. Her bloodstream polluted with vodka. She sloppily start to pull down my pants. "Erica, you're drunk. Are you sure you want to do this?" She grins from ear to ear and slurs out a yes. I pin her onto the bed and kiss her down the length of her body. A throaty moan growls from her. She runs her hands through my hair as I lick above her pants. I slip off her pants, and rip at her panties with my teeth. She whimpers and I pull them down slowly. I hear Erica gasp as I place my hands on her inner thighs and blow cold air on her clit. I slide two fingers into her, adding more speed every second. "Oh, Harry!" She cries out. I pull out of her and wipe my hands on my jeans. "Oh who?!" I scream. She cheekily laughs, running her hand through my hair, drunk out of her mind. I feel the blood rushing to my face... I roll over on the bed next to her, she's already fast asleep. What the fuck just happened?


*The next morning*

*Ericas POV*


A hangover throbs through my whole body, headache consuming my whole existence. I drank way too much last night, what was I thinking? Next to me, cuddled in the sheets I see Luke. His phone lights up with a notification. A text. From Harry!!! What the fuck. I grab my clothes and slide them onto my body. I feel so betrayed. I can't recall anything from last night. Infuriated, I sneak out of the room, pushing out tears. I stand outside of the room against the wall for a quick second as I hear Luke starting to wake up.


*Lukes POV *


I wake up feeling refreshed, until all the memories of last night flood my mind. She still loves him. Still. I guess I can't blame her though. They were so in love for a long time. It hurts me to even think of. I check my phone for the time, it's 11:30 in the morning. I see a text in my notifications. Harry. I roll over and find myself alone in the bed. She's gone. I text Harry to meet me at Chilis in 10 minutes... If anyone would know how to handle this, it's him.


*Harrys POV*


I grab my phone, groaning.... 10 minutes? It must be important. He was texting me some gibberish last night while he was wasted.. I guess it meant something after all. I pull myself out of bed and slide into my favorite Rolling Stones tshirt and ripped up black jeans.


We slide into a booth at Chilis and request some apple juice and Advil. He wasn't the only guy who knew how to party. I can tell he had a rough night from his jacked up appearance. We haven't said a word this whole time to each other; there was a tension between us. A vibe of dislike. I'm beyond tempted to make a comment.. But as soon as I open my mouth to be witty, he cuts me off. "She still fucking loves you." He stammers, slamming a fist onto the table. I act innocent and oblivious but egg him on to keep talking.

"Luke how could that be? She left me a long time ago and that was the end of it. We haven't spoke since valentines day and that was months ago."

"Last night... Things were getting pretty heated... She moaned your name.. Instead of mine..."

I act indifferent, but then it clicks in my mind. I can get her back and I will.

"Okay look.. I'm just gonna be honest here..." I start, shrugging my shoulders casually after biting into a chip. "Erica and I... We've had some casual hookups since Valentines day. Some intimate sex... She practically begs me to fuck her every day." I get vulgar and detailed to make it seem realistic. I can see his heartbreaking through the expressions on his face. Luke leaves a $5 on the table for his drink and storms out. I grin devilishly.


*Ericas POV*


I hear my phone beep twice.


From Luke xx : stay away from me. stay away from the boys. you're not my girlfriend anymore and I wish you never were in the first place. you're just as bad as Harry. it was nice knowing you.


From Harebear:

Luke came to me today to talk. I only told him true things. Sorry to hear about you two. I wish it would have lasted longer. I'm here if you need me. I still love you as well. x


My heart explodes in my chest. What did I do last night? Why did this just happen? I slam my phone on the sidewalk. A car pulls up next to me as a bend down to pick up my now shattered phone. I glance up quickly. My eyes must be fooling me. It's Harry.


*Harrys POV*


I'm driving home when I see a petite female picking up her phone off the ground. From behind she looks like a goddess. Flowing curly hair, a cargo jacket and light blue jeans, matched with black combat boots. Fucking hot. I roll up to offer her a ride, "hey gorgeous, looking for a ride?" I suavely offer, grinning. She turns around and I hold back a screech. Erica. My grin turns into a goofy, sheepish smile, and I rub the back of my head. This is awkward. She pulls on the door and throws herself in my car, obviously hurting.

"You okay?" I interrogate, trying to get her to talk about what I already know. "I texted you earlier and you didn't respond"

"It's been... A really, really long morning. Luke left me and I don't know why and I saw he texted you and I don't know what's going on but I wish I did." She cried, wiping the tears that were protruding from her eyes. I lock the car doors, alarming her as I drove on.

"Erica, I know... I will tell you. Last night you told Luke you still love me. He came to me and I did what I felt was best for you. I made up some lies about us, but it was to protect you."

She clenches her jaw and starts yelling, "you did what!?" I slam on the brakes, startled at her raising her voice.

"Erica. You said it and I helped make it right for .. You.. For us."

"Let me out of this fucking car."

"No. This neighborhood is unsafe and you're with me now."

"Let. Me. Out." She's punching the car, not even leaving a scratch of damage. I look around. This is a ghetto. I'm not even sure how we got here in the first place from driving. I let it slip from my mind.

"Erica please just cooperate. You don't know your way around here. You're going to get lost"

She unlocks the door manually, rushing out the door while I'm still driving.

"Maybe I want that. Maybe this is how it's suppose to be." She sprints off down a random alley, I try to follow after her but she hides. I hear her scream and I check my mirrors. Some ghetto thugs throw her into a van. Tires screech as they go 60 mph down the alleyway headed straight for my car. Glass flies everywhere as the passenger side of my car is taken out by the van, still headed for wherever they're going. Fuck no. I quickly get myself together and turn my car around to follow theirs. I keep a fair distance to make it less obvious that I'm following them.


We've been driving for half an hour now. Wherever they're going is far out here. They're driving in circles to try to shake my trail. BANG BANG. Smoke fills the air; screeching tires fill my ears. Pushing through the smoke, I feel something smash me in the face.


*3 hours later*

"Wh... Where am I" I murmur, grazing a bump on my face the size of an egg.

"Harry...." a familiar voice calls. I look over; it's Zayn. "You crashed into a pole... In the ghetto... What were you doing...?!"

"OH MY GOD." I lurch out of bed and throw on my jacket. "SHES BEEN TAKEN. ZAYN. FUCK."

Everyone in the room is thrown aback in confusion. "ERICA. SHE WAS KIDNAPPED"

"Lay off the drugs man..." Louis laughs, "You two haven't talked in months. I think you've got a bad case of amnesia."

"NO. Please listen." I plead hopelessly. "She's gone. Please, please call the 5SOS boys."


*Ericas POV*

Ropes suffocate my wrists, tied behind my back to a splinter-giving wooden seat. I bang them against the chair, but it won't give. "Let me go you damn cowards."

I receive a quick blow to my face by the hand of a masked man in front of me. "No. We won't give you. Let you one call." His English is awful and hard to understand. "You three minutes. Call whoever. One only" he puts a phone in front of me. I can't even think clearly. Harry or Luke? Who should I call? Harry's the reason I'm in this mess... Luke hates me.. He has to save me though he has to.... I press my nose to the screen and dial him..


*Lukes POV*


Laying in bed drinking a bottle of whiskey, I start to vibrate. Wait I'm not vibrating. That's my phone. Call from: Unknown. Cool I love a good anonymous call.

"yellllow?" I ask through the phone.

"Luke, it's me. Erica."

"Quit the games whoever you are. Erica and I are beyond done."

"No it's really me. Please listen I have two minutes to talk. Please."

"Go for it then 'Erica' if this is you."

"I've been kidnapped in the ghetto. I don't know where you are. But they gave me one call. I chose you. Please come save me. I don't think I have much time." I hear the sharpening of knifes in the background.

"Should have called Harry." I toss my phone into my sheets.

"Hello? Is anybody there? Hello?" The call is quickly shut off.

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