Harry's Girl

Erica is just an average teenage girl living her life. She's starting her 3rd year of a high school in a completely new school when she meets Harry Styles. She instantly falls in love with him. Everyone wants to be Harry's Girl.. but she is.. for now. Will their romance make it through the growing fame of One Direction? Or will she lose her title as "Harry's Girl"? Will she overcome her demons or lose harry in the process?


8. An Unexpected Twist

*Ericas POV*

It's been a month since I last saw Harry and the boys. He's called me every night this past month, and reassured me that he'll visit me as soon as possible. The sound of his voice makes my heart hurt. I watch the X factor and everyone on it loves the boys. Their success makes me proud, but their fan base is through the roof. I feel my connection to them fading.

This week I haven't received one call from Harry. I feel guilty for acting like he owes me a call by now, but I can't help it. He made a promise, yet he's breaking it. Niall called me the other day, and I asked about Harry. He told me that Harry was busy with boot camp and training.

"Niall, I know you well enough to know when you're lying. I can hear it in your voice. Something is wrong." I begin to interrogate him.

"No-no. Nothing is wrong!" He anxiously replies.

"You're lying!!!! Come on, just tell me! What's going on with Harry?"

"He--- we--- nOTHI-"

He hangs up quickly and doesn't return the next few calls I make to him. That was it. It's like we never even met. Harry's forgetting about me so quickly.

*Harry's POV*

I hear Niall on the phone with someone.. Talking about me! I whisper to him "Who's calling you?" And he mouths her name to me. Erica. Fuck. I signal him to cut her off. I know he's best friends with her, and he's lying to her for my sake. She can't know what I've done. I can't break her heart again.

-A few weeks later-

I haven't heard from Harry or any of the guys since my last call with Niall. Today is the Final 3 Performance on the X factor. I managed to snag myself some tickets so I could surprise him tonight after their show. They're on stage right now singing Nobody Knows. I feel as if Harry is singing directly to me. My heart races just as fast as the first time we met. I fall in love with him all over again.

-An hour later backstage-

Even though the boys are off the show, they're still joyful. They know this is only the start of their career, not the end. I see Niall and he screams and gives me a hug! "Guys! Look who's here!!" He shouts down the halls. Zayn, Louis, and Liam see me and give me a huge group hug. They each kiss me on the cheek and tell me all about their experience. I'm so eager to hear all their stories, but even more eager to see Harry.

I stroll down the hall to Harry's dressing room. I feel the doorknob: it's unlocked. I hear strange noises coming from in the room, but I'm unaffected by it. I just want to see him. I burst through the door, "HARRRRYY- what the.." I look him straight in the eyes, my heart crashes on the floor, in a million pieces. My vision goes red as I see Harry under the sheets with some Hollywood tramp. The other boys hear my scream and run in behind me. Niall pulls me to his chest,

"I- I'm so sorry.. I didn't have the heart to tell you, Erica." He comforts me, but it's no use. I'm destroyed. Harry tumbles out of the bed and grabs me. "Erica!! I .. I didn't think you'd be here.."

*Harry's POV*

She's standing in front of me, her smile is broken. It's my fault. "Erica!!" I chase after her and grab her wrist, "I didn't think you'd be here..."

"I guess you were busy this whole time. Real busy..." She slaps me across the face. The tramp I'm in bed with scurries out covering her body with the sheets. She doesn't even begin to compare to Erica's beauty.

"It... It was just a one night stand" I blurt out an excuse as fast I can.

"Why would you need one of those when I was waiting for you back home this whole time!?" Her making is running down her face. It reminds me of the second day of school, when the rumors about us first started. I wipe away her tears with my thumb while holding her face. Like I did that day. I'm still in love with her. How could I let fame ruin this?

*Ericas POV*

He's wiping away my tears while holding my face. Just like when we met. This makes the tears pour even harder. I gaze in to his beautiful green eyes, but they're not so beautiful anymore. He's ashamed of himself. I can feel it. No one speaks for 5 minutes. Finally, Harry opens his mouth, "I'm going home tomorrow, Erica." He tries to hug me, but I push him away from me.

"Is that slut coming too?" I point to the door his trashy slut just exited from. I can feel his blood boiling at my resistance to forgive him.

*Harry POV*

"Why can't she just get over it?!" I thought.. Well my thought slipped through my mouth apparently. Her jaw drops, and she gasps. She pushes past the boys, and runs towards the exit. The boys all give me disgusted looks.. "What have I done, lads? What have I done?!" I shake my head and force back the tears. Louis, of course, had to pipe up,

"You've really done it this time, Harold. You've fucked up!"

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