What I Can't Have

Laleh Addison Tomlinson is the Louis Tomlinson's twin sister. She has long straight brown hair and gleaming blue/green eyes like her brother. She has a small figure. 5'5 and 110 lbs. Her brother auditions for X - Factor while Louis is gone Laleh is at home watching all her siblings while her mom is gone. Her mother had just divorced her 2nd husband so now she is in charge of the girls. What happens when Louis invites his sister on tour with the boys ?


7. 7

            I was the first off the plane walking into the airport with my bags. Louis ran up to my side.

" Hey Laleh, so I have been meaning to tell you, you need to stay away from the boys, they are my best mates and well, erm I would never let you date them." Louis spoke softly.

" Chill out Louis, I have not developed any feelings for any of the boys." I said.

" Yet." I mumbled to myself.

" What ?" Louis asked.

" Oh nothing." I said and smiled.


I walked past the screaming fans as the boys took pictures and signed autographs, I had about an 8 year old girl with long straight red hair and gleaming blue eyes, freckles covered her face. She was wearing denim jeans and a old Take Me Home album cover shirt.

" Who are you ?" She asked.

" I am Louis twin sister... It looks like you would know..." I spoke

" In all of my research Louis only says he had half sisters and then of course his mum is pregnant. There is Georgia, Charlotte, F'eliciti'e, Daisy, and Phoebe, then of course the new twins. So no, Louis does not have a twin sister."

" Don't believe me that's fine, apparently he doesn't care about me anyway... I have to go bye." I said.

I ran towards the limo and sat all the way at the end of the seats. I took out my phone and waiter for youtube to load. I searched ' Louis Tomlinson talks about family' I watched the 8 minute video and their was nothing about me. I watched a couple more and the same thing happened. He could of not just forgot about me... did he think I was not as good as the others ? I got out of the car tears streaming down my face I walked in the back exit of the airport. I got my luggage and went to a lady at a stand.

" uhm, excuse me ma'am, do you know any hotels around here, I had arrangements but they were ruined."

" Oh yes, if you go down this road, right at the end is a hotel, about 75  euros a night, or uhm I am staying there trying to get back on my feet, if it won't be to much trouble you can stay with me. It gets kind of lonely."

" Uh, sure I guess, I don't really have a lot of cash." I said, I was desperate to get away.

" Well my shift just ended, come with me." We walked out of the airport I caught Niall's eyes as he was getting food over here. He glanced at me then turned his face. 

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